Improve the Quality of Life for Africa - High Five Priorities for Africa - 28th Aug 2017

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Sierra Leone News: State audits for civil society groups

The Audit Service Sierra Leone has embarked on an audit of Civil Society Organisations to ensure the organisations operate within the law and adhere to the purpose for which they were registered. The audit of donor funded projects, including World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development projects is on-going. The Audit Service Sierra Leone has been given the approval to audit all projects with the African Development Bank
24th Aug 2017 - Awoko.org

The role of the African Development Bank

The AfDB supports African countries in implementing the Nationally Determined Contributions that they have adopted in the context of the Paris Agreement. It also facilitates their access to global climate finance. The Bank has committed to allocating 40 % of its annual funding to climate-related measures. Moreover, $ 12 billion of the AfDB's own resources will be invested in the energy sector. The AfDB is also establishing the Africa Regional NDC Hub
24th Aug 2017 - Development and Cooperation

Redcliff needs $35m for sewer, water reticulation

Redcliff municipality in Zimbabwe required over $35m to rehabilitate and upgrade its sewer and water reticulation system, an AfDB assessment report has frevealed. AfDB recently availed $4.09m to the Kwekwe satellite town for water and sewer reticulation as part of its $30m urgent water supply and sanitation rehabilitation project
24th Aug 2017 - Herald Zimbabwe

Federal Government gets $1.5b to tackle water problems in states

The Federal Government has secured over $1.5b to address the problems associated with the provision of urban water in some Nigerian states. The African Development Bank is investing a total of $381M in Taraba, Oyo, Kaduna and Rivers states, while Islamic Development Bank is making investments of $121m in Kaduna and Osun states.
20th Aug 2017 - Vanguard Nigeria

Improve the Quality of Life for Africa - High Five Priorities for Africa - 3rd Aug 2017

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ZNBS to declare K1m dividend

Zambia National Building Society, which plans to borrow US$50 million from the African Development Bank, is expected to declare K1 million as dividend to Government this year. ZNBS chairperson David Nama said the institution is trying to access cheaper long-term funding from the AfDB that will enable it provide affordable mortgages, and that AfDB is ready to provide the ZNBS with US$50 million provided Government guarantees the loan
4th Aug 2017 - Zambia Daily Mail

Parliament approves $48.85 million loan to clean, provide water in Accra

Ghana's Parliament approved a $48.85 million agreement between the government and the African Development Fund to finance the Greater Accra Sustainable Sanitation and Livelihood Improvement Project, to support efforts to increase access to adequate, safe and affordable water, improved environmental sanitation and hygiene education. The project was part of the intervention by the government to expand and build on the success of the previous African Development Bank-funded Accra Sewerage Improvement Project and the ongoing Greater Accra Metropolitan Area Sanitation and Water Project.
4th Aug 2017 - Business Ghana

It is easier for North Americans and Europeans to travel in Africa than Africans

The African Development Bank (AFBD) released its inaugural Africa visa openness report that confirmed it was easier for North Americans and Europeans to travel in Africa than it was for Africans. The recent creation of a platform by the African Development Bank that allows Africans to check visa requirements by citizenship is a major asset in increasing access to information. The portal helps one to know at a glance whether or not one needs a visa for a certain country. The 2017 visa openness index report on openness, that is just how hard it can be sometimes to obtain a visa to another African country.
3rd Aug 2017 - Pulse Ghana

AfDB Signs U.S.$ 78 Million Grant Agreements With Governments of Somalia and South Sudan

The African Development Bank has signed tripartite grant agreements of US$ 34.8 million and US$ 43.8 million with the Republic of Somalia and the Republic of South Sudan respectively and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development under the Bank's 'Say No To Famine - Short Term Regional Emergency Response Project - STRERP'. IGAD will oversee the implementation of the project through an agency in each of the countries. The agencies will work with the governments to put in place structures enabling them take on increasing responsibility for disaster management and delivery of humanitarian assistance
1st Aug 2017 - All Africa.com

Duty calls in underdeveloped Sikongo

The local authority is implementing a water supply and sanitation project funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and rehabilitating boreholes at schools and health centres.
4th Aug 2017 - Zambia Daily Mail