Landslides - Environmental Hazards Newsletter - 12th Mar 2018

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Death Toll Climbs as Aftershocks Rattle Earthquake-Hit Papua New Guinea

One week after Papua New Guinea was rattled by a powerful earthquake, aftershocks have reportedly caused the death toll to rise to at least 67, while landslides have made the worst-hit highlands nearly unreachable.
5th Mar 2018 - Time

Bulgaria's long weekend ends: Avalanche warnings, landslides and swollen rivers

Several warnings have been issued in Bulgaria for possible avalanches in some mountain areas alongside the closure of roads. Heavy traffic is affecting the country across the national road network as people deal with unusual levels of precipitation during a national holiday period.
5th Mar 2018 - The Sofia Globe

Huge underwater landslides and tsunamis may be caused by ooze

The largest landslides on Earth happen in the oceans, and an ooze of dead plankton may be responsible. If so, it could help us predict the risk of devastating tsunamis triggered by these events. Far beneath the waves, huge “megaslides” can transport 3000 cubic kilometres of sediment at speeds of up to 80 metres per second. The largest such event on record was the Storegga Slide 8150 years ago off the coast of Norway. Dwarfing every slide known on land,
21st Feb 2018 - New Scientist

The slippery cause of huge underwater landslides

19th Feb 2018 - Nature.com

Landslides - Environmental Hazards Newsletter - 1st Feb 2018

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Bus driver saves 15 people from a sudden landslide

A bus of passengers narrowly avoided disaster thanks to a driver's keen eyesight and quick thinking. The bus driver saved 15 people on board from a sudden landslide in China. It happened in Sichuan province on Dec. 3. The driver hit the brakes after noticing some failing rocks. Seconds later, huge boulders came crashing down the road. No one on the bus suffered any injuries.
20th Jan 2018 - KTRK-TV

Quick-thinking bus driver saves 15 people from a sudden landslide

19th Jan 2018 - Valley News Live

New images show intimidating landslide moving down Rattlesnake Ridge

Drone aerial photography paired with laser scanning shows a new view into the cracks widening in Rattlesnake Ridge’s slow-moving landslide. The hillside’s 20-acre landslide has gradually inched downward on Rattlesnake Ridge near Yakima for months. Since October, geologists and engineers have monitored it and conceived several scenarios – some including threats to the nearby Interstate 82.
21st Jan 2018 - KIRO Seattle

Landslide holds up traffic on Manali-Chandigarh highway for 3 hours

A massive landslide at Seobagh area of Kullu blocked Chandigarh-Manali national highway for nearly three hours on Friday. Work for widening of Kullu-Manali highway, which involved sharp cutting of mountain faces, has created new sliding points where debris keeps sliding on the busy road. Such is the frequency that rolling boulders hitting vehicles do not surprise people here anymore
20th Jan 2018 - Times of India

Several homes in Riverdale still threatened months after landslide

The City of Riverdale plans to drill wells in a neighborhood above a bluff in the coming weeks to help figure out what caused a massive landslide in November that led to the indefinite evacuation of four families. Chunks of the hill continue to break off, and the Utah Geological Survey said Friday they don't know when it'll stop. Video from this week shows steady streams of dirt tumbling down the hill behind the house where Gari Manning grew up.
19th Jan 2018 - Fox13now.com

Landslide threatens homes in Riverdale with a wet storm on the way

Several homeowners in this Weber County town are once again on edge, literally and figuratively. Three houses on a saturated hillslide were evacuated when their backyards started to slide in November. Now they're telling News4Utah that landslide seems to be accelerating. It started with a major slide on November 19th...and soggy chunks of this hill continue to collapse with the latest tumbling down on Tuesday. "It's still active," Ben Erickson of the Utah Geological Survey said. "It's still dangerous something you don't want to get near. Something that you need to be concerned about."
18th Jan 2018 - Good4Utah

Yakima approves emergency proclamation ahead of landslide

A city in central Washington state issued an emergency proclamation in response to a mass of rock and soil crawling down a ridge that officials say could turn into a landslide.
18th Jan 2018 - KIRO Seattle

Landslide causing cracks in roads near Mulino

County crews told FOX 12 they should have Eldorado Road closed at Highway 213 sometime before noon. Once the road closes, crews will open a detour on Union Hall Road. While there is no debris in the road from a landslide, the shifting ground has drastically widened cracks that first appeared a year ago. The cracks are also affecting Highway 213, and ODOT officials told FOX 12 it’s an ancient slide that became active again last year.
18th Jan 2018 - KPTV.com

Landslide risk means some Trout River families still not allowed into homes

Five days after flooding forced people out of their homes in the small western Newfoundland community of Trout River — the lone town still under a state of emergency — some have still not been allowed to return because of landslide fears. Trout River resident Trudy Butler told CBC's Corner Brook Morning Show on Thursday that the flood was overwhelming.
18th Jan 2018 - CBC.ca

Landslide threatens three-story hillside home in Malibu

An active landslide was threatening a three-story hillside home in Malibu on Wednesday, authorities said. Building and safety officials red-tagged the home in the 2800 block of Hume Road and were evaluating the stability of the land, Los Angeles County Fire officials said. The area around the home was closed to pedestrians and cars, and no one was allowed inside, said Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Gustavo Medina. "Fortunately, there weren't any residents that were injured or affected," Medina said. "They're out of town."
17th Jan 2018 - Los Angeles Times

After Montecito, We Need to Get Serious About Landslide Zoning

The United States Geological Survey estimates that landslides kill 25 to 50 people a year in the U.S.—more than earthquakes or volcanoes. Yet landslides receive far less attention and research funding than other natural hazards. Part of the problem is ...and more »
17th Jan 2018 - Pacific Standard

Post-fire landslide problems aren't new and likely to get worse

Several weeks after a series of wildfires blackened nearly 500 square miles in Southern California, a large winter storm rolled in from the Pacific. In most places the rainfall was welcomed and did not cause any major flooding from burned or unburned hillslopes. But in the town of Montecito, a coastal community in Santa Barbara County that lies at the foot of the mountains blackened by the Thomas Fire, a devastating set of sediment-laden flows killed at least 20 people and damaged or destroyed more than 500 homes. In the popular press these flows were termed “mudslides,” but with some rocks as large as cars these are more accurately described as hyperconcentrated flows or debris flows, depending on the amount of sediment mixed with the water.
17th Jan 2018 - The Conversation US

Deadly California mudslides show the need for maps and zoning that better reflect landslide risk

Scenic hill slopes can be inspiring – or deadly, as we are seeing after the disastrous debris flows that have ravaged the community of Montecito, California in the wake of heavy rains on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. At least 20 people are dead, and four remain missing. More than a hundred buildings have been destroyed or damaged by moving walls of mud and boulders that rumbled down creeks and canyons into houses and roads. As mountains rise, erosion tears them down. And Southern California’s mountains are rising fast, squeezed up by the action of the region’s active faults. This produces steep slopes that erode quickly, though much of that erosion happens in infrequent events, such as big rainstorms right after big wildfires.
16th Jan 2018 - The Conversation U.S.

Car plunges into ravine after Johor landslide

The main road linking Johor Baru and Kuantan was closed to all vehicles after a landslide yesterday. Three people, including a 60-year-old, travelling on the road escaped death when their car skidded and fell into a ravine near the landslide.
16th Jan 2018 - The Straits Times

Bodies of Tacloban landslide victims retrieved

The bodies of four people buried by rain-induced landslides in Tacloban City's Quarry district were retrieved Monday night, January 15. The two-day retrieval operation concluded around 6 p.m. Monday after the recovery of the last two bodies buried by collapsed wall and landslide debris on Saturday night. The last body retrieved was that of Alejandro Mayolargo. Minutes earlier, the rescuers also unearthed the body of his common-law wife, Sherry Jane Amancio, the village secretary. Surviving children identified the two fatalities.
16th Jan 2018 - Sun.Star

Franz asks for more money to judge landslide risks

It's been nearly 4 years since the Oso landslide killed 41 people. That event is called a glacial deep-seated landslide. The State Lands Commissioner is now asking the legislature for money to hire more geologists to research the entire State Route 530 corridor. “It is the fact that 18 of our counties in Washington state have similar land conditions to the SR 530 corridor and we believe understanding this situation in glacial deep-seated we will be much more able to protect the public health and safety,” said Hilary Franz.
18th Jan 2018 - KIRO Seattle

Washington Town on High Alert over Slow-Moving Landslide

17th Jan 2018 - Insurance Journal

Washington state town wary of slow-moving landslide

16th Jan 2018 - WTOP

Dozens Evacuate In Washington State, Fearing Landslide

7th Jan 2018 - NPR