Other News - MOPH Qatar Diabetes Newsletter - 28th Feb 2018

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Liz McInnes: With diabetes on the increase, we must do more to understand the condition

People want better access to healthcare professionals who understand diabetes. Many respondents said that they felt that they were being treated as a condition and a set of symptoms rather than as a human being. They want better access to technology and treatments. Diabetes treatment is ever-evolving and advancing but 28% of those who took part in the survey reported problems in getting the medication or equipment they needed to manage their diabetes. They want education and information to be widely available. No-one should be given a diagnosis of diabetes without being also informed of where to go for information and support. They want more support and understanding at work and school
23rd Feb 2018 - Politics Home

Diabetic man "accused of being drunk by airline staff" after three-hour plane delay causes blood sugar level to spike

A diabetic man who says he suffered a 'hyper' after a three-hour flight delay with no food was accused of being drunk by airline staff, he claims. Kevin Beards says he was forced to remove his top and inject himself with medication in front of hundreds of people because his blood sugar levels became dangerously high - known as hyperglycaemia or a 'hyper' - after passengers were taken off the plane.
24th Feb 2018 - Mirror.co.uk