Civil Nuclear Police - Project Servator - 23rd Nov 2017

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New project tackles potential terror threats at Sellafield

"The national threat level is severe which means an attack is highly likely, there's no specific threat to this site or indeed the rest of the county but people have to be vigilant when going about their daily business and obviously the CNC is here protecting the site which is a great reassurance to the public," said Chief Inspector Tony Cole, Civil Nuclear Constabulary
12th Jul 2016 - ITV News

New measures to protect Sellafield

New tactics are being used to protect Sellafield from a terrorist attack. And they are measures that police hope will make it more difficult for would-be attackers to target the sprawling nuclear complex. A renewed appeal has been launched for people to report anything suspicious surrounding the site
5th Jul 2016 - News & Star

Two hot sunny days in Cumbria

Two hot sunny days in Cumbria and one of our #ProjectServator officers still managed to find some mud #slippy
16th Sep 2016 - CNC

CNC launches Project Servator - Trust your Instincts

Project Servator will see highly visible yet unpredictable deployments of specially trained officers around the Sellafield site and the surrounding local community. The operational deployments involve officers working together with our communities to report suspicious activity. These officers are deployed to deter, help detect, and provide reassurance and confidence to members of the public.
4th Jul 2016 - UK Government

Plea from police for help from public to protect Sellafield from terrorists

Counter-terrorism police officers on the Sellafield site are appealing to the public to report anything suspicious. A new campaign - Project Servator - launched by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) will see an unpredictable police presence around the nuclear plant. This is designed to make it difficult for potential terrorists to plan their attack. Officers insist there is no direct threat to Sellafield but urge the public to be vigilant as nationally the threat remains severe.
4th Jul 2016 - The Mail