MOD Police - Project Servator - 23rd Nov 2017

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MoD police launches Twitter account in bid for public and stakeholder engagement

The launch of the MDP Twitter account represents a "progressive step in enhancing the digital footprint of the force," according to assistant chief constable Paul McLaughlin. He added that it will play "an essential and vital role" in supporting Project Servator. This is a high-profile policing approach where officers encourage the public to report suspicious activity to deter crime. They added: "We feel that raising public awareness of what the MDP does will help to reassure the general public, and will also encourage people to report any suspicious activity they may witness in the vicinity of the sites where MDP officers are deployed."
19th Jul 2017 - PR Week

Police 'terror' operation stops vehicles just yards from London Bridge attack

Officers from City of London Police carried out examinations of vehicles and passengers at a check point on the northern side of the bridge where eight people were killed and 48 injured in the London Bridge attack on June 3. The operation was part of Project Servator which has been stepped in in response to the spate of terror attacks since the Westminster Bridge attack in March. The operation is focussing on bridges over the River Thames in the capital due to the risk of repeat attacks while the terror threat across the country remains severe.
12th Jul 2017 - Express.co.uk

MoD to step up anti-terrorism patrols outside Portsmouth Naval Base

The MoD is to deploy officers outside the base perimeter as part of ‘Project Servator’ - a new nationwide approach to detect crime and deter terrorism. Deployments will be unannounced and take place at different locations at various times of day. But the MoD says the action is not a response to a ‘specific threat’ and the operation is being used to deter, detect and disrupt any hostile activity intended to ‘threaten the security of the base and wider community.’
13th Apr 2016 - Portsmouth.co.uk

Armed MoD police begin patrolling "civilian Scotland"

Armed Ministry of Defence police are to begin patrolling in civilian areas of Scotland, the Sunday Herald can reveal. MoD police based at Faslane and Coulport are to expand their operations into civilian areas outside the nuclear bases on the Clyde
8th Jan 2017 - Herald Scotland