Squatters - Gamma Newsletter - 30th Nov 2017

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Squatters evicted from makeshift camp at closed adventure park

A squatters' camp where people slept in treehouses and dens has been cleared by bailiffs. A group of activists moved onto the former North Hulme Adventure Park in August. They say they were providing ‘security’ for around 20 homeless people. A squatters' camp where people slept in treehouses and dens has been cleared by bailiffs. A group of activists moved onto the former North Hulme Adventure Park in August. They say they were providing ‘security’ for around 20 homeless people.
27th Nov 2017 - Manchester Evening News

Hammersmith Magistragtes" Court proceedings disrupted after squatters enter building

Security outside Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court has been beefed up after squatters entered the building on Thursday (November 16). They were inside the building for less than an hour, according to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), but caused disruption, with scheduled hearings moved to Westminster.
22nd Nov 2017 - GetWestLondon

Bus depot blaze was started by squatters

A fire which broke out in a former bus depot is likely to have been caused by homeless people who are using the building for shelter, according to investigators. Fire crews were called to the derelict building in Magdalen Street, Colchester, just after 7.30am yesterday. The blaze was extinguished within half an hour and crew manager Gavin Ellis said his officers had recovered lots of drug paraphernalia from the bus depot, as well as a large knife. He said: “There was bedding, bits of rubbish and clothes which have caught on fire.
16th Nov 2017 - Gazette

Pictures show mess left behind after squatters are evicted

Pictures have been released showing the mess left behind after squatters were evicted from a shop they had been occupying. Agents working for the landlord said the mess would cost several hundred pounds to clear up - on top of the cost of the eviction and the cost of securing the property.
15th Nov 2017 - Devon Live

Squatters on Mutley Plain have been kicked out - and told to stay out

A group of squatters who have been living in different empty buildings along Mutley Plain for months have been kicked out. Most recently Phil Northmore and Ryan Roberts had been squatting in the vacant former Polish shop, after being moved on from the Barclays bank building next door. But now the friends, along with a few other squatters, have been told to leave and not come back. An enforcement officer served them with an 'Interim Possession Order', giving them 24 hours to leave.
11th Nov 2017 - Plymouth Herald

Chelmsford property squatters ruling linked to Queen Boudicca"s battle with the Romans

A row over ownership of a property in Chelmsford has been compared to the war between Queen Boudicca and the Romans in a colourful High Court ruling. Local businessman, David Elvin, was handed the keys to number 9, Boudicca Mews by police in the wake of a cannabis raid in 2013. However, Garry McClelland claimed squatter's rights over the property, saying he had been in rent-free occupation without issue for more than 12 years. Mr Justice Turner was asked to decide who were the rightful owners. The judge said the row had its roots in the redevelopment of the mews in 2006 and the "tiresome complication" of the title deeds to the property having gone missing.
10th Nov 2017 - Essex Live

Squatters who "cleaned up abandoned swimming pool, refilled it, then plumbed in the sauna" are evicted

Squatters have been turfed out of the former Chorlton Baths - after filling up the swimming pool and bringing the sauna back into use. The group, known as ‘We R’, say they had drained and refilled the disused pool and plumbed the sauna for use by the community. The former council baths closed in June 2015; a group of around 28 squatters have occupied the building for the last month. Armed with brushes and some plumbing knowhow, they had started to bring the facility back into use, but were evicted from the property by bailiffs
8th Nov 2017 - Manchester Evening News

Upper Street bank squatters who have a mission to feed homeless

Squatters who have moved into an abandoned bank want to open a centre to feed the homeless. About 15 people moved into the former NatWest bank building. “We’re going to do tea and coffee outside and make it look really nice,” said bar worker Daniel. He added: “We’re going to create an art space as well for people who want to make art. We’re keeping the place clean.” He said he was forced to squat in the capital after a steep increase in his rent. “The people who live here all work. It’s ridiculous the housing prices in London. Even the council has a long waiting list for houses,” he said.
3rd Nov 2017 - Islington Tribune