Writs of Possession - Gamma Newsletter - 30th Nov 2017

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Husband "secretly forged his wife's signature to take out two mortgages on their home for £590000"

The wife of a former head of a wealthy tourist board is suing a mortgage company after she claims her husband forged her signature to remortgage their home. She is fighting him over fears she may be made homeless
26th Nov 2017 - Daily Mail

"Why doesn"t the law doesn"t apply to them?" Answers to some of the most-asked questions about travellers

Travellers setting up camp in Derby has always been a controversial issue for residents. When a group move to a new area there is often a public outcry from neighbours and this can place pressure on a council to act. ome travellers visiting Derby have left a trail of rubbish in their wake after leaving a piece of land. This often throws up a number of questions – especially as to who foots the bill for cleaning up. Our sister title, the Nottingham Post, put some of the most-asked questions to one of their local council - here are the replies
25th Nov 2017 - Derby Telegraph

The eight most-asked questions about travellers - and their answers

Travellers are a very controversial issue for local councils up and down the country. If a group set up on land there is often public outcry from the nearby residents and this can place pressure on a council to act. Often these situations can throw up questions that many feel need to be answered. So we have had a look at the eight most-asked questions and answered them.
14th Nov 2017 - Liverpool Echo

"Is the council scared of them?" Answers to the eight most-asked questions about travellers

We’ve teamed up with legal experts at Gedling Borough Council to look at some of the common myths about travellers. Two months ago dozens of travellers pitched up at Thackeray’s Lane Recreation Ground, leaving Gedling Borough Council with a bill of more than £24,000 to clear up. Travellers at the site left human excrement and even an abandoned HGV, all of which had to be removed by the council at the cost of the taxpayer. The council is now hoping to set up an ‘early warning system’ so local authorities can warn each other about traveller movements.
13th Nov 2017 - Nottingham Post

Early warning system being set up to tackle travellers in Nottinghamshire

A summit has been held with councils across the county. The leader of the council, John Clarke, has said that residents are ‘really angry, and rightly so’ about the number of travellers who settle in the area. That’s why he hosted a summit on the issue, with the city, Rushcliffe, Gedling, Broxtowe, Newark and Sherwood, Ashfield, and the county councils as well as the police. Now, he hopes to set up an ‘early warning system’ so councils can warn each other about traveller movements, as well as securing more permanent sites, and securing existing sites to make them more traveller-proof
12th Nov 2017 - Nottingham Post