Counterfeit Drugs - Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting - 21st Aug 2017

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Dubai Customs seize counterfeit goods worth Dh72 million

Dubai Customs seized 133 counterfeited items worth Dh72.584 million, for infringing the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), in the first half of 2017. Yousef Ozair Mubarak, director of Dubai Customs' IPR Department, said they take a firm stand against intellectual property rights infringements, to protect the economy from the harm caused by counterfeit goods. The seized goods included electronics, watches, eyewear, clothing, fabrics, perfumes and cosmetics, medicines and medical equipment, tyres, auto spare parts, telephones and accessories, computers and other imports.
13th Aug 2017 - Khaleej Times

Fake goods worth Dh73m seized in Dubai in first half of 2017

12th Aug 2017 - Gulf News.com

Enelamah: Feeling the Pulse of Local Manufacturers

Worried by the influx of fake drugs in the market, the Nigerian trade minister asked Fidson Healthcare how the issue of substandard drugs is affecting them, and they said that the threat came from internationally made fake drugs, and that they are in the process of engaging NAFDAC very aggressively.
25th Jul 2017 - This Day

Shop owner fined over sale of illegal prescription drugs

In Ireland, a woman who admitted selling illegal prescription drugs from a Lisburn shop has received a £750 fine; she pleaded guilty to three counts of possession and supply of the fake medicines from her eastern European convenience food store. Enforcement officers from the Department of Health seized 3,000 tablets from the Tonagh Drive shop last September after it emerged they were of Lithuanian and Russian origin.
15th Aug 2017 - Irish News

Feds take down opioid ring and shut down its pill lab

Federal investigators have shut down a ring that reportedly put hundreds of thousands of potentially deadly, fake prescription pills laced with fentanyl on the streets of San Antonio and across the country. It is alleged to have manufactured pain and anxiety pills laced with fentanyl or other drugs using commercial pill presses obtained from China, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said. The ring was believed to have obtained the fentanyl from the black market in China
14th Aug 2017 - Express News

Falsified medicine — tackling a serious threat to public health

Though no reliable figures exist on the actual scale of the problem, Interpol suggests that falsified medical products, which include medicines and medical devices and equipment, could account for as much as 30 percent of the market in some countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Anti-infectives such as antimalarial medicines and antibiotics are particularly prone to falsification, given the weak regulatory and enforcement mechanisms in countries where these diseases are present.
20th Jul 2017 - Devex.com

US doc gets six years for in unapproved cancer drug case

A Florida doctor has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison for smuggling misbranded and unapproved cancer drugs into America, some of which were likely counterfeit, and administering them to patients. Diana Anda Norbergs, MD, (61) was initially convicted last November by a jury for receipt and delivery of misbranded drugs, smuggling goods into the US, healthcare fraud and mail fraud. The court heard that the owner of East Lake Oncology, in Palm Harbor, Florida, had been ordering cheap drugs – such as MabThera, Ribomustin and Zometa – from unlicensed overseas distributors, including from the UK and Canada, since 2009
15th Aug 2017 - Securing Industry