Supply Chain - Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting - 21st Aug 2017

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Blockchain-powered supply chain tracker

Keeping control of the supply chain is key for customer satisfaction and to control goods; for pharmaceuticals it is also a regulatory requirement. A new high-tech sensor has been developed for product medicines.
11th Aug 2017 - Digital Journal.com

Barcode Quality: Ignore It at Your Peril

Drug makers and packagers cannot afford to take barcodes for granted: a poorly printed barcode can wreak havoc in the pharmaceutical supply chain, interrupting product supply and hampering drug makers’ business performance. Barcode quality is more important than ever as anti-counterfeiting regulations will require application of a serial number and unique 2D barcode (the GS1 DataMatrix) on every saleable prescription drug container to be sold.
16th Aug 2017 - Pharmpro.com

Crunch time — discussing the impact of serialisation on packaging operations

Deadlines for including unique product identifiers on prescription drugs are putting a strain on multiple parts of the industry, much of which is ill-prepared to meet the targets. Recognising this lack of readiness, the FDA has now extended its deadline for the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) for another year to November 2018. European regulations will come in two years. Companies cannot afford to wait to adapt their supply chains to ease the complicated and challenging transition to serialisation.
9th Aug 2017 - EPM Magazine

Drug Supply Chain Tracking Challenges FDA and Manufacturers

Efforts to establish an international system for identifying and tracing drugs through the global supply chain are moving forward, despite multiple hurdles for regulators, manufacturers, and distributors. FDA recently announced that it would delay enforcement of requiring manufacturers to add product identifiers to drug packaging, a key step for establishing an interoperable drug tracking system by 2023 that will reduce drug diversion and the influx of counterfeit medicines into the United States
10th Aug 2017 - Pharmtech.com