"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 12th Jul 2017

Sanofi gets a flu vaccines booster with $650M-plus Protein Sciences buy
Seqirus’ status as the second-largest flu vaccine market player is mentioned in a Protein Sciences purchase story
Swine flu surge: 1 in every 5 tested for H1N1 virus positive
Every fifth person who underwent a test for H1N1 since April in Mumbai has tested positive for the virus. The wide footprint of swine flu becomes clearer given that only a fraction of H1N1 patient are being tested according to the government protocol
Genomic vaccines fight disease in ways not possible before
Genomic vaccines promise to offer many advantages, including fast manufacture; in the future, investigators could sequence the genomes of circulating flu strains and produce a better-matched vaccine in weeks
Sanofi to Buy Insect Cell Vaccines Company Protein Sciences for Up to $750M
Sanofi is looking to bolster its recombinant-based influenza vaccine portfolio through the acquisition of Protein Sciences; the transaction is expected to close during Q3 2017
Sanofi adds recombinant-based flu vaccine to portfolio through acquisition
Sanofi finally manages to close on a buyout – but it’s not a game changer
Meriden-Based Protein Sciences Purchased For Up to $750 Million
French pharmaceutical company to acquire Meriden-based Protein Sciences in deal worth up to $750 million
Sanofi $750m acquisition gives it edge in flu vacccine market
Sanofi Switches Eggs For Insects With Vaccines Move
Protein Sciences cultures its vaccines in insect cells rather than eggs, a process that it claims is quicker and less expensive than traditional manufacturing systems. It is thus not reliant on egg production
Considering the Side Effects of Drugmakers’ Money-Back Guarantees
The Trump administration is considering whether to encourage pharmaceutical companies to return money to the national health system if some of their medicines fail to work as expected
Education Awards 2017: The Finalists revealed
MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, is a supporter of the Cambridge News Education Awards, and sponsors the Science Project of the Year category
CDC Releases Update on Influenza Virus During 2016-2017 Season
The flu season lasted from October 2, 2016, to May 20, 2017, with activity that remained low through November and increased in December. The number of patients infected with the virus peaked in February
Decreto vaccini oggi in Senato: confermato obbligo per scuola
CPW and BMA Wales join forces to increase uptake of flu vaccinations
Community Pharmacy Wales and the British Medical Association’s Wales GP committee are aiming to increase the uptake of NHS influenza vaccinations to reach 75% of eligible patients
New tool found to demonstrate differences in human immune systems
Researchers have found a new tool that can show differences in human immune systems and may predict how individuals will respond to a given treatment, such as how they respond to an influenza vaccine
Vaccinating a child against the wishes of a parent
What happens when two parents argue about whether or not the child should be vaccinated? The Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice) has now taken a position on this question
Vaccines Not Just for Babies: New Survey Reveals Teen Health May Be Impacted by Misperceptions
The CDC recommends that adolescents receive four vaccines to protect their health in the short and long-term, including flu
Vaccines Not Just for Babies: New Survey Reveals Teen Health May Be Impacted by Misperceptions
Western Sydney parents recording highest vaccination rate in Australia
A fully immunised child has received four doses of diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccine, four of polio vaccine and two of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, and often also vaccines against hepatitis B, chickenpox and flu
Boom of flu vaccines: 4,000 more requests than in 2016 in the province
The ASL Latina along with Roma 3 has seen the biggest increase in flu vaccinations as part of the 2016/17 campaign
Health ministry: vaccination safe and compulsory
The vaccination programme for children meets the basic requirements of quality and safety, the Preventive Health Department of the Health Ministry of Vietnam said
60-year-old Bodakdev woman dies of swine flu
A 60-year-old resident of Bodakdev, India, died from swine flu at a private hospital. Sporadic cases of swine flu are still being reported across the city, often at a late stage which leads to complications
3 swine flu cases in a day at Kakinada
The East Godavari district administration issued an alert after three persons infected with swine flu were admitted to the Kakinada Government Hospital
More than 1m Kiwis vaccinated against the flu
New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said it was the sixth year in a row that more than a million doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine had been distributed before the peak of the flu season
10 health checks you need this season
Before the peak of winter, Tony Bartone, vice-president of the Australian Medical Association, said people should discuss flu vaccination with their doctor
Peak not over for flu, starting for enterovirus: CDC
While the number of flu-like cases dropped slightly last week in Taipei the peak season is not over just yet
Geelong flu rates almost double in 27 days, with Geelong Hospital seeing increase
Geelong flu rates almost double in 27 days
Three test positive for swine flu in East Godavari
Seasonal ailments seem to be on the rise in East Godavari district in India with three persons testing positive for swine flu
How we change the organisms that infect us
Viruses replicate rapidly and adapt constantly through many factors and forces, all fine-tuned through genetic change. Mutations are thrown up during each viral replication cycle and while mostly unhelpful, are sometimes beneficial
Pune’s NIV isolates ‘Michigan’ H1N1 strain in Maharashtra samples
A new strain of called the Michigan strain has been isolated from samples of swine flu cases in Maharashtra, India. This strain had earlier appeared in Pune in 2009
The Parliamentary amendment requiring Italian schoolteachers to have compulsory vaccinations has been approved
Amendment to the Italian decree on compulsory vaccinations requiring teachers and school staff to receive all 10 vaccines has been approved
Decreto vaccini. Via libera da Commissione Sanità. Istituita l`anagrafe vaccinale nazionale