"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 10th Nov 2017

Seqirus mentions
Flu vaccine factory in Liverpool creates 100 new jobs
Seqirus is creating 100 new high-tech jobs by expanding its operation in Liverpool. Dr Laura O'Brien, vice president of operations and site head at Liverpool, said: "This investment means we can complete production of more pandemic vaccine much more rapidly, saving vital days in getting vaccines out to protect the British population as well as to other countries around the world." Liverpool Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said the development "fits in nicely to the burgeoning life sciences cluster" in the city"
£40m Seqirus flu jab investment creates almost 100 new jobs for Liverpool
Almost 100 new jobs have been announced for Liverpool by a world renowned flu vaccine company: the cutting edge, hi-tech roles have been created via a £40m investment by Seqirus. Mayor Anderson said; “This £40m investment by Seqirus is fantastic news for Liverpool"
Seqirus investing $52M, adding 100 jobs to U.K. flu vaccine site prompted by thoughts of pandemics
Seqirus not only makes seasonal vaccines to help protect consumers against the flu, it also is contracted by the UK government to be in constant a state of readiness in case of a pandemic. That has prompted the world's second-largest flu vaccine maker to invest another £40 million to its site in Liverpool and add about 100 jobs so it can shorten the time it takes to respond to an outbreak
Seqirus invest £40m & create new jobs
Nearly a hundred new high tech jobs are to be created at the Liverpool manufacturing site of Seqirus, as a result of major new £40m investment. Gordon Naylor, President of Seqirus said: “Our Liverpool site, the largest influenza vaccine manufacturing facility in the UK, and one of the largest in Europe, is well-placed to supply the UK with an enhanced influenza vaccine for people aged 65 years plus"
Seqirus announces £40m UK fill-and-finish flu vaccine facility
Seqirus has announced a £40 million investment into a new fill-and-finish facility at its manufacturing site in Liverpool, UK – a move which the company says will create 88 new high-tech jobs, bringing total staff levels at the site to more than 700
Seqirus investing $52M, adding 100 jobs to U.K. flu vaccine site prompted by thoughts of pandemics
Seqirus, the world's second largest flu vaccine maker, is adding a fill-finish operation to its site in Liverpool, U.K. Seqirus not only makes seasonal vaccines to help protect consumers against the flu, it also is contracted by the UK government to be in a constant state of readiness in case of a pandemic. That has prompted the world's second-largest flu vaccine maker to invest another £40 million to its site in Liverpool and add about 100 jobs so it can shorten the time it takes to respond to an outbreak.
Major UK investment to boost influenza vaccine production, jobs and exports
The new fill-and-finish facility will support the growing demand for Seqirus’ adjuvanted influenza vaccine designed for people aged 65+, and strengthen the reliability of flu vaccine supply and bolster any future capacity for a proactive pandemic response. This investment will drive economic growth by boosting the Seqirus workforce in Liverpool to over 700 highly skilled workers. This will assist in supporting supplier partnerships and in increasing exports.
Will This Year's Flu Shot Be Effective?
Last year's flu shot was only 20 percent to 30 percent effective because it was grown in eggs, according to the authors of a new report. The egg process is not unusual, but a mutation in the predominant flu virus H3N2 limited the vaccine's potency, said study co-author Dr. John Treanor. Two new methods of producing vaccines are being tried: both -- cell culture (Flucelvax) and DNA (Flublok) -- are licensed by the U.S. FDA
To Your Good Health: A primer on the 2017 flu season vaccines
Adults over 65 may benefit more from the high-dose trivalent flu vaccine (Fluzone High-Dose) or from Fluad, which contains an adjuvant. Adults age 18-64 with fear of needles might consider the intradermal low-dose quadrivalent vaccine (Fluzone intradermal). Another option for people with needle phobia is the standard trivalent vaccine (Afluria) using a jet injector device
Pandemic Influenza News
Bird flu detected in western Japan
Japan's environment ministry confirmed Thursday that a wild swan found dead in western Japan was infected with a highly pathogenic bird flu. Further tests at the Tottori University confirmed that the swan was infected with the highly pathogenic H5N6 influenza strain
Cooperative agreement to enhance avian flu response
An Iowa State University center has received a $1 million federal cooperative agreement to enhance preparedness for future outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza, such as the 2015 crisis that forced U.S. egg and poultry producers to eliminate millions of birds
Snapshot of H7N9 patients highlights importance of early antivirals
A retrospective review of confirmed H7N9 avian influenza infections from China's Guangdong province to learn more about the demographics, disease severity, and treatment found that early oseltamivir treatment was linked to fewer intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and deaths. A research team from the Guangdong Province Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported their findings in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of humans with avian influenza A (H7N9) infection in Guangdong, China, 2013–2017
A study sought to describe the demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with A (H7N9) infection, test the differences in the distribution of demographics and clinical characteristics by clinical severity, and explore potential factors associated with clinical severity. The study concluded that preventive measures should focus on high-risk populations, such as the elderly and the groups with high frequency exposure to live poultry. Earlier oseltamivir and zanamivir treatment were recommended
Industry News
Here's Why the Best Is Yet to Come for Novavax
After reporting some encouraging pre-clinical results for experimental flu vaccine NanoFlu in ferrets, Novavax has decided to take on Sanofi's market-share-leading flu vaccine, Fluzone High-Dose. Novaxax is presently conducting a combined phase 1/2 trial pitting its NanoFlu vaccine against Sanofi's Fluzone High-Dose
AstraZeneca brightens forecasts as sales decline slows
AstraZeneca said its profits are unlikely to fall as far as previously feared this year, after the decline in sales of its older drugs slowed in the third quarter. Revenue in the three months to September increased 9 per cent year on year to $6.2bn, slightly above consensus forecasts of $6bn. The company said the impact from the loss of exclusivity on some of its main products receded over the period, with product sales falling only 3 per cent, compared to 11 per cent over the first half of the year
AstraZeneca rides China wave as rival GlaxoSmithKline struggles
AstraZeneca is enjoying booming drug sales in China, helped by reforms to the country’s regulatory system and an increased sales force, in sharp contrast to its British rival GlaxoSmithKline. China revenue in the third quarter increased by 12 percent at AstraZeneca and the country now accounts for 15 percent of its global product sales - a far higher proportion than at other big pharma companies
Bovine antibodies could prevent flu outbreaks
SAB Biotherapeutics utilizes advanced science to produce antibodies from cattle to treat a variety of health conditions. SAB has just started its first clinical trials on influenza, reports Dairy Herd Management. According to the article, “SAB’s cattle are ready to produce the treatment. The new facility could make enough of the antibody to meet worldwide demand, using just 20% of its capacity”
Academic studies
Influenza Prompts RNA-Targeting Response from Immune System
Researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Texas at Austin have uncovered a previously unknown mechanism by which the human immune system tries to battle the influenza A virus. The paper focuses on two key molecular players: a human protein called TRIM25, which was recently discovered to play an important role in the human immune response to flu infection; and a protein called NS1 present in all strains of the influenza A virus and shown to bind TRIM25 to keep it from doing its job
Flu Vaccine Could Provide Long-Lasting Protection
A new flu vaccine currently being tested in animals could provide long-lasting protection against various strains of influenza. The vaccine is designed to take a conserved protein found in the influenza virus, known as Matrix-2 (M2), and then package it on a nanoscale into a controlled-release capsule that would provide a quick-acting long-lasting vaccine that could be effective in multiple strains of influenza A, according to an article published in the Cornell Chronicle
H3N2 mutation in last year’s flu vaccine responsible for lowered efficacy: Penn researchers
The low efficacy of last year’s influenza vaccine can be attributed to a mutation in the H3N2 strain of the virus, a new study reports. Due to the mutation, most people receiving the egg-grown vaccine did not have immunity against H3N2 viruses that circulated last year, leaving the vaccine with only about 30 percent effectiveness. Scott Hensley, PhD, an associate professor of Microbiology, in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, describes his team’s findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Order Without Intellectual Property Law: Open Science in Influenza
Amy Kapczynski at Cornell Law Review: “Today, intellectual property scholars accept that IP as an approach to information production has serious limits. But what lies beyond IP? A new literature on “intellectual production without IP” (or “IP without IP”) has emerged to explore this question, but its examples and explanations have yet to convince skeptics. This Article reorients this new literature via a study of a hard case: a global influenza virus-sharing network that has for decades produced critically important information goods, at significant expense, and in a loose-knit group — all without recourse to IP
Intravenous Zanamivir Safe, Efficacious in Children With Influenza
Intravenous zanamivir was well-tolerated and associated with virologic response and clinical improvement in hospitalized children with influenza, according to the results of a study published in Pediatrics
Pediatric influenza news
Routine Influenza Vaccination in Pediatric EDs Cost-Effective
Influenza vaccination in the pediatric emergency department setting appears to be a cost-effective strategy, according to a study published online in JAMA Pediatrics. Rebecca J. Hart, MD, from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, and colleagues compared the cost-effectiveness of four strategies for PED-based influenza vaccine
Paediatric advice for parents at the start of the new influenza season
Primocanale tackles the typical questions all parents have with regard to whether they should get their kids vaccinated to protect them, and themselves, against flu during the coming seasonal influenza season
Hundreds more island children eligible for flu vaccine
Public Health England is urging parents whose children have not yet been vaccinated against flu to do so before the winter flu season begins. The vaccination programme already covers children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 (aged between 4-8) but now children in Year 4 (aged 8-9) can also get their free flu vaccination, in the form of a nasal spray, at school
Over 65’s influenza news
Be Ready the Government launches winter campaign to inform the public to get the flu vaccine and take care of the elderly this coming winter
In Ireland, the Government​ has launched a Be Ready winter campaign in a bid to inform people to take extra precautions this coming winter. It is understood the campaign is aimed at older people and it encourages the elderly and those with medical conditions to get thee flu vaccine as soon as possible
Hamilton researchers propose study of new high-dose flu shot
Hamilton researchers want to study the new high-dose flu shot that the province plans to give seniors next year. There are two flu shots that have been specifically developed for seniors: one is the vaccine the province has chosen, which contains higher doses of the protein that leads to an antibody response, and the other is an adjuvant vaccine
Province unveils new action plan for seniors
A one-stop website for seniors, free high-dose flu shots and $15 million over two years for 'naturally occurring' retirement communities are part of a new provincial strategy for seniors. 'Aging With Confidence: Ontario's Action Plan for Seniors' was unveiled Thursday by Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth. Seniors will also get a free, yearly, high-dose flu vaccine at a cost of $17 million per year starting in the 2018-19 flu season
More than 1m Portguese people have already been vaccinated against this winter's flu
About one million Portuguese aged 65 and over have already been vaccinated against the flu this year. Among the non-vaccinated population, 34.4 percent say they still intend to get vaccinated. Vaccinometer data shows an improvement over the number vaccinated at the same time last year.
General Influenza News
2nd union resists Essentia Health's mandatory flu shot policy
In the U.S., Essentia Health is facing additional pushback regarding its mandatory flu shot policy from the Minnesota Nurses Association, which represents 2,000 of the health system's nurses. The MNA said it filed federal unfair labor practice charges against Essentia "for ignoring our union's upcoming negotiations and continuing to threaten nurses with termination if they do not receive the flu immunization." The union claims Essentia had promised it would hold off on policy enforcement until the completion of negotiations but did not do so
Survey finds 43% adults lack knowledge about adult vaccines
In India, GSK launched the Vaccinate for Life campaign to improve general awareness of the benefits of vaccination throughout life and encourage more conversations among healthcare professionals and their adult patients on vaccination. A multi-country survey reveals a communication gap between healthcare professionals and adult patients on vaccination throughout life
Who will pay the costs for flu vaccines in 2017?
An investigation and explanation into which statutory health companies are most likely to meet flu vaccination costs. That only triple-dose vaccinations are included so tetravalent flu vaccinations are not and would need to be paid for outside the system
Influenza outbreak for the 2017-2018 season may be aggressive, the supposed peak date looks likely to be around Christmas
This year will be an above average flu epidemic, with 5 or 6 million affected Italians, but what concerns health experts is the aggressiveness of this virus, which in Australia caused the death of 52 people. The new strain this year is H1N1 pdm 09 (A / Michigan / 45/2015), but there are no substantial variations to viewable symptoms compared to last year, so there is a lot of attention to how effective the vaccines may be.
Free flu vaccinations for high at-risk categories in Modena
In recent years, Modena has seen a medium-high intensity flu epidemic, characterized by an early start and a rapid increase in the spread of influenza viruses. The peak number of cases, was in the last week of 2016, with 15 cases per 1000 affected. It is estimated that there were 50,000 more cases than 2015: meaning around 550,000 people (82,000 in the province of Modena), accounting for 12.5% ​​of the total population
Australian flu - explaining the forecast, the alerts and tips to stay in good health
In Australia the flu virus hit hard, with a worrying rise in the number of infections and dozens of deaths. At least 5 million cases are expected in Italy this time around. Experts repeat the "usual" recommendation: "Better to vaccinate, especially if you are in risk categories" and Donna Moderna supports this advice
"The flu shot is safe, despite what some have been saying"
French GP Pascal Charbonnel was invited by Sud Radio to talk about the flu vaccine. He explained that even though the vaccine's effectiveness is limited, for various reasons, it is still worth getting immunised, and it is also safe to do so
Hong Kong’s seasonal flu vaccine programmes need better marketing
In this opinion piece, the author argues that the Hong Kong government "should promote the vaccination programmes more aggressively, and further reduce the vaccination cost through the centralised ordering of vaccines" in order to protect the city against the flu more efficiently. "In 2000, a universal influenza immunisation programme was introduced in Ontario, Canada, to provide free shots to everyone older than six months. Research suggested that this programme was economically attractive, as it halved influenza-related health care costs and brought more years of health to the citizens. To battle influenza in the city, the government should consider experimenting with a similar universal vaccination programme"
The flu jab: your questions answered
Every autumn, those who are vulnerable — elderly people, young people, pregnant women, those with health conditions such as asthma and heart disease — are urged to have the flu vaccine, as are health and care workers. Many workplaces offer the vaccinations because of studies suggesting it reduces the rate of infection and employee sickness. Some UK pharmacies offer the jab for those who cannot access it via their employer or the NHS
Flu Is Your Worst Enemy: 10 Reasons to Stop Employees from Coming to Work Ill
Olivia Curtis, a workplace wellness expert at HR company G&A Partners, explains why small businesses should avoid letting employees come in to work if they are unwell with the flu as this is detrimental to both employee and business
Prescribe antiviral drugs, not antibiotics to treat swine flu, DAK to doctors
Terming use of antibiotics to treat swine flu inappropriate, Doctors Association of Kashmir said H1N1 is caused by a virus and can only be treated by an antivirus drug. “Doctors in the valley prescribe antibiotics for swine flu even though it is caused by a virus against which antibiotics have no effect. Swine flu is a viral infection that is not helped by taking antibiotics. But clinicians continue to dole out unnecessary antibiotics for flu patients,” DAK president Nisar ul Hassan said
Nurses union hits Duluth health care system over requiring flu shots
As Essentia Health was in court with one union over its new mandatory flu shot policy on Tuesday, another was challenging the Duluth-based health system over the same policy. The Minnesota Nurses Association, which represents 2,000 Essentia nurses, charged in a statement that the health system hadn’t made good on a promise to hold off on enforcing the policy until negotiations took place. Instead, the MNA said, Essentia was ignoring that process and threatening to fire nurses who did not comply
Burden of disease
Cluster of Influenza B cases in Castle Peak Hospital
In Hong Kong, the spokesperson for Castle Peak Hospital made the following announcement: three patients (aged 72 to 79) in a male psychogeriatric ward presented with respiratory symptoms since November 5. Appropriate viral tests were arranged for the patients and their test results were positive for Influenza B. The patients concerned are being treated under isolation with stable condition
First Case of Influenza B Confirmed In Windsor-Area
In Canada, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit says it has confirmed its first case of influenza B in the area for the fall. Last year, there were 160 lab-confirmed cases of the flu in the region and six flu-related deaths. This year, the flu could hit local residents especially hard, too
OC Toddler Dies After Contracting Flu
A male toddler in Orange County has died after contracting the influenza virus. The O.C. Health Care Agency reported Thursday that the previously-healthy toddler was the first flu-related death of the season. Lab tests confirmed he was infected with influenza A