"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 14th Nov 2017

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£40m investment to create 100 new jobs to Liverpool
Nearly 100 high tech jobs are to be created at the Liverpool manufacturing site of Seqirus as a result of a £40m investment. In addition to its role in the supply of seasonal influenza vaccine, Seqirus is a global leader in pandemic response. The company is contracted by the UK Government to be in constant a state of readiness for the production of pandemic influenza vaccine during a pandemic emergency
Major UK investment to boost influenza vaccine production, jobs and exports
Nearly a hundred new high tech jobs are to be created at the Liverpool manufacturing site of Seqirus as a result of major new investment. Gordon Naylor, President of Seqirus, said: “Our Liverpool site, the largest influenza vaccine manufacturing facility in the UK, and one of the largest in Europe, is well-placed to supply the UK with an enhanced influenza vaccine for people aged 65 years plus. It will also be an export success story, primed to supply this vaccine to countries where it is already licensed in Europe and North America, and to countries in Latin America and Australasia where regulatory submissions are ongoing"
CSL: Major UK investment to boost influenza vaccine production, jobs and exports
Nearly a hundred new high tech jobs are to be created at the Liverpool manufacturing site of Seqirus as a result of major new investment. Dr Laura O'Brien, Vice President of Operations and Site Head at Liverpool, said: "Speed is of the essence in a pandemic situation. This investment means we can complete production of more pandemic vaccine much more rapidly, saving vital days in getting vaccines out to protect the British population as well as to other countries in the region."
Jobs created as flu vaccine firm makes major investment
Nearly 100 high tech jobs are to be created at the Liverpool manufacturing site of Seqirus as a result of a £40m investment. In addition to its role in the supply of seasonal influenza vaccine, Seqirus is a global leader in pandemic response. The company is contracted by the UK Government to be in constant a state of readiness for the production of pandemic influenza vaccine during a pandemic emergency
Pandemic Influenza News
First DNA Vaccine Licensed For Chickens
AgriLabs announced USDA conditional approval of the first DNA vaccine ever licensed for chickens. The approval also represents the first for AgriLabs' ExactVac TM DNA technology with ENABL adjuvant, the first DNA vaccine approved for influenza for veterinary use. The conditional license for high pathogenic H5 will provide a tool for U.S. poultry producers if stockpiling is needed for future avian flu outbreaks
New outbreaks of avian influenza in Italy
Northeast of Asti, highly pathogenic avian influenza caused by H5N8 virus was found in two birds in Montechiaro d'Asti and Montiglio Monferrato in the province of Asti in the Piedmont region. Two farms are located in the immediate vicinity, but are in the territory of two different municipalities. According to the regulations were created: 3 km safety zone and 10 km surveillance zone to the affected farms. In total, under 50,000 laying hens will be slaughtered. In addition, eggs, litter and animal feed will be destroyed
Japan MOE: 2nd H5N6 Lab Confirmation & More Dead Birds Being Tested
In Japan, the alert level was raised as two more dead birds tested positive for influenza A near Matsue (Shimane Prefecture) following the positive H5N6 test of a mute swan. Meanwhile South Korea is reporting the detection of H5N2 (pathogenicity undetermined) in wild bird feces on Jeju island
Italy Reports 4 More HPAI H5 Outbreaks
While most of Europe waits apprehensively for the fall arrival of HPAI H5N8, Italy continues to struggle with their summer-long bout of bird flu, which continues to rage in the North-Central provinces. Today Italy's IZSV reports 4 more outbreaks, bringing November's total to 12
China: Guangdong Province Reports 97% H7N9 Vaccine Coverage
Today Chinese media are carrying reports from Guangdong's Ministry of Agriculture that claim they've reached a 97.87% vaccination coverage in poultry. While an impressive number, it remains to be seen just how effective this vaccine is in actual practice, and for how long it remains protective
Non-typical influenza viruses and how to defend against them
A widely available influenza vaccines can and does offer some protection from avian flu but there are countless other secondary measures that health authorities and farmers need to take in order to protect against various types of avian flu and its spread
Avian influenza, new outbreak near Asti
A new outbreak has just been discovered: avian influenza has hit two Aegean flocks, with two outbreaks in Monferrato, in different breeds across two different municipalities. In the two farms there are 50 thousand hens that will be slaughtered. Around these farms, health authorities have set up protection and surveillance zones of 3 and 10 kilometers, respectively
Industry News
The US is In The Golden Age of Vaccine Development
“We are at a golden age right now in vaccinology. The opportunities that we have to take advantage of the knowledge we have gained from immunology, biology, microbiology, and genomics, and to translate this into advances in patient care—this is absolutely incredible.” Those were the words of Leonard Friedland, MD, vice president, director of scientific affairs and public health, Vaccines, North America, at GlaxoSmithKline, and a representative member of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee at the Vaccines + Immunity: Examining Modern Medicine meeting
Why Don't EMA and FDA Speak With the Same Voice on Flu Treatments? Researchers Investigate
New research digs into cross-national regulatory divergences, with a focus on why some US labels for certain flu treatments say the medicines have not been proven to reduce complications while EU labels claim the opposite. The authors of the research published in Health Research Policy and Systems focus their work on Relenza (zanamivir), which represents the first neuraminidase inhibitor (NI), a class of drugs also including the controversial Tamiflu (oseltamivir)
Flu immunizations not affected by lack of FluMist
Parents are getting their kids immunized against the flu despite the fact that the nasal injected FluMist is out and the needles are back. “Our original concern was that the live attenuated influenza vaccine, FluMist, had a unique appeal as it wasn’t a shot, and we were worried that its withdrawal would spark a substantial decrease in influenza immunization for children,” said Jonathan Modie, communications officer at Oregon Health Authority
Academic studies
Annual influenza vaccination does not prevent natural immunity
Researchers at the Influenza Center in Bergen have published an important study which concludes that annual influenza vaccination does not increase susceptibility to influenza infection in years of vaccine mismatch. These findings are important because they show that it is only positive to have annual influenza vaccination, and it supports continuing the policy of repeated annual vaccination, says Professor Rebecca Cox, Head of the Influenza Centre
Text messages increase flu shot rates
Text messages were a low-cost and modestly effective way of increasing seasonal influenza vaccine rates, according to findings recently published in Annals of Family Medicine. Researchers identified 12,354 participants in several high-risk population groups in Australia who had not received the influenza vaccine. Six weeks after influenza vaccination season began, half of those participants were randomly assigned to receive one text message reminding them to get the vaccine
News Scan for Nov 13, 2017- Canadian study enumerates cost of flu
A new study from Canadian researchers determined that the average cost per case of influenza requiring hospitalization from 2010 to 2013 was $14,612, and the average hospital stay was nearly 11 days. The information is meant to support national influenza vaccination efforts as a cost-saving measure
Pediatric influenza news
Social Media’s Impact On Childhood Vaccination
In a new report, researchers found that pregnant women who received information about infant vaccination through social media during their pregnancy were more likely to have infants who were current with their vaccines. This is one of the first studies to show how social media and interactive websites can improve care for patients through easy sources of education
Over 65’s influenza news
Staff blamed for deadly flu outbreak in nursing homes
In Australia, poor management and low staff vaccination levels are being blamed for this year’s deadly flu outbreak in nursing homes across the country. A report released by the Government on Monday found that only one-third of staff members at nursing homes in Victoria and Tasmania affected by the flu outbreak were vaccinated
Vaccines Every Caregiver Should Know About
As we age, our immune systems age along with us and get a little weaker, putting us at heightened risk for certain diseases. So the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults age 60 and older receive various vaccinations, including an annual flu shot
Ten flu deaths at nursing home amid serious management failure
A fatal flu outbreak at a Wangaratta nursing home in Australia, where 10 residents died of influenza and two others from respiratory illness, was worsened by serious management failures, a scathing government audit has found. In response to influenza outbreaks in Victorian and Tasmanian nursing homes, Health Minister Greg Hunt made it mandatory for aged care facilities to implement flu vaccination programs for staff
General Influenza News
I Pray The Experts Are Wrong, Because Ontario Can't Handle A Surge In Flu Cases
This year, Australia was hit by the H3N2 family, and while their vaccine DID have protection for H3N2, it still appeared to be a mismatch. Most likely this was because the H3N2 virus mutated and formed another sub-type that was not as effectively covered by the vaccine. Which flu vaccine are we getting in Canada? The same one the Australians got. Which strain of flu seems to be coming to Canada? According to Health Canada, as of last week, the majority of detections are H3N2. So the experts who were expressing concern look like they will unfortunately be proven correct.
Lawmakers ask GAO to examine predictive modeling for infectious disease tracking
In the U.S., lawmakers are asking the Government Accountability Office to take a closer look at how federal agencies use predictive modeling to track public health threats. Three members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee called on the watchdog agency to review the ways in which the government has used predictive modeling to plan for and infectious outbreaks such as Zika, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic
Health authorities have increased the number of people they want to vaccinate against flu by 12%
Health Authorities expanded the target for the current vaccination campaign against influenza in Juarez so that the campaign can reach more people. The goal has risen from 95,736 doses to 107,783, according to Linda Sepulveda Martinez, spokesperson of the Medical Directorate of the Secretary of Health of the State in the Northern Zone. This change represents an increase of 12.6 percent and according to the last statistics, at least 10,209 people have already been protected against the disease
The Flu Virus: What You Should Know About It And How You Can Prevent It
In Canada, everyone over the age of six months should get the flu shot but there are certain groups of people who should absolutely get it because they're more at risk of running into health complications should they contract the virus: seniors, people with a compromised immune system, children, and pregnant women
Worth the shot?
In Thailand, infectious medicine specialist Dr Chanunya Srihawan urged consumers to understand that there are actually certain factors that contribute to the fact that people are still likely to succumb to the influenza even if they have been vaccinated, and says it is still worth getting immunised
MINSA launches a flu vaccination day in Nicaragua
Around 200,000 flu vaccination doses will be used throughout the country targeting two age groups: children and the elderly. The vaccination campaign runs from November 13 to December 14, which means a month of the campaign so that families can be vaccinated against influenza.
Improved vaccination coverage could yield health, economic impacts this flu season
Increasing the number of people getting an influenza vaccination not only keeps our communities healthier – but also strengthens their economies, says a Virginia Tech expert. “Depending on the severity of a season’s dominant influenza virus, the ‘return on investment’ for vaccination can increase from three to seven times if we factor in how vaccinated individuals indirectly benefit their community by blocking the chain of transmission.”
Would you wear a face mask in public in Ireland during flu season?
There is mounting concern that the decision made by WHO in February to use the same H3N2 version in last year and this year’s vaccine was a poor one – in other words, that the H3N2 component is unchanged, yet we know the virus is changing. Anti viral agents such as Tamiflu may help reduce the duration of influenza, but their benefit has recently been downgraded by the WHO due to uncertainty about their usefulness in reducing hospital admissions or on limiting the spread of influenza in an epidemic
Have you gotten your flu shot yet?
In the U.S. Army, vaccination against the flu is highly encouraged for all eligible recipients and required for active duty military members. The influenza virus can cause serious complications, sometimes leading to hospitalization and even death. Particularly for confined installations like USAG Yongsan, the infection rate can increase as a result of the high density of people in housing areas, barracks, and dining facilities
Number of prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacies tops one billion for first time
More than one billion prescriptions were dispensed by community pharmacies in England last year, the first time the billion prescription mark has been reached. The seasonal flu vaccination programme for adults was provided by 8,451 community pharmacies last year, or 72.2% of the total. This was an increase on the 61.6% of pharmacies which gave the jab the previous year
Doctors fear a big rise in 'Aussie flu' could put county health services under huge pressure
In the UK, doctors are fearing a big rise in flu this winter could put even more pressure on Gloucestershire's health services. Gloucestershire NHS has invested £16million to support its services to see it through the extra pressures of winter. People in at-risk groups are being urged to get vaccinated against the flu
Interview: Flu outlook and predictions for 2017
The official start of flu season 2017 has arrived with some cases of flu already reported. Dr. Richard Webby is responsible for determining which flu vaccines will be put into circulation. He spoke with Digital Journal about this process.
HA appeals to front-line nurses to receive seasonal influenza vaccination
In Hong Kong, to encourage more front-line healthcare staff to receive the seasonal flu vaccine, the Hospital Authority Chief Manager (Nursing) visited the front-line nurses at Caritas Medical Centre with Chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Nursing Staff and Legislative Council member Professor Joseph Lee to appeal to them on early vaccination so as to get prepared for the winter influenza peak season
The United States Is Not Ready for Another Flu Pandemic
Without a universal vaccine to combat ever-changing flu strains, another pandemic threatens to overwhelm the U.S. health care system, warns Tom Inglesby, MD, of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. "I would hope and expect that if there is a flu event that seems to have pandemic potential, the Administration and Congress would act rapidly,” Inglesby said. That would include producing large supplies of vaccine and medicines, and to prepare the U.S. hospital and public health systems to care for the ill
Diabetes And Influenza: A Dangerous Combination
The CDC recommends that all people who are six months and older get a flu vaccine. Flu shots are approved for use in people with diabetes and other health conditions. People who work with or live with diabetics should also be immunized to avoid spreading the flu. The flu shot has a long, established safety record in people with diabetes
95% of deaths from influenza were of people not vaccinated and who also had diabetes
95 percent of the group of people who died from influenza, in Mexico, during the 2016-2017 season, were unvaccinated patients who suffered from a chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension, according to data from the Seventh Epidemiological Report of the Secretariat of Health. Health, presented on Thursday at the XXXVI Inter-American Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and the XVII Latin American Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, held in Cancun.
Burden of disease
Swine flu cases rose twentyfold in India in 2017, shows Health Ministry data
In India, a Health Ministry report on swine flu released in November shows that the number of H1N1 virus infections increased over 20 times in 2017 from that last year. As many as 2,147 patients died of swine flu in 2017 from among 38,004 reported cases, much higher than the 265 deaths and 1,786 H1N1 cases registered in 2016
Michigan Strain of H1N1 Swine Flu Sets Foot In India
Between 2010 and October 2017, 8,543 people succumbed to deadly swine flu virus in India, according to the latest report on seasonal influenza (H1N1) released by the ministry of health and family welfare's Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. According to officials, the new Michigan strain of H1N1 swine flu virus has also been identified in India this year, against which there are no effective vaccines