"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 13th Jul 2017

Honduran Health secretary does not have medicines to treat influenza A
In Honduras, the Health department’s central pharmacy storage does not have any oseltamivir, or Tamiflu, and hospitals are asked to buy the drug directly to give their patients
Honduran Health secretary does not have medicines to treat the influenza outbreak
HEU solicitará fármaco para tratar la influenza
Sanofi to buy US vaccines biotechnology firm Protein Sciences
Sanofi has agreed to acquire Protein Sciences for around $650m; Sanofi Pasteur head and Sanofi executive VP David Loew said: “The acquisition of Protein Sciences will allow us to broaden our flu portfolio with the addition of a non-egg based vaccine”
Connecticut’s Protein Sciences being sold to French drugmaker for $650M
Sanofi comprará Protein Sciences, de vacinas, por até US$ 750 milhões
The WHO GISRS laboratories tested more than 56,574 specimens during the middle of June of which 5,109 were positive for influenza viruses, 4101 (80.3%) Type A and 1008 (19.3%) Type B
The World Health Organization issued an influenza update No 293 on July 10th which was based on data up to 25th June
Could the FLU cure cancer? Injecting inoperable patients with the common virus destroys their tumours and could be a `game-changing` new treatment
Doctors are to trial a revolutionary treatment by injecting certain cancer sufferers with a laboratory-grown strain of the flu; initial tests have already shown the technique to shatter tumours in mice and on a small group of humans
New tool found to demonstrate differences in human immune systems
Researchers have found a new tool that can show differences in human immune systems and may predict how individuals will respond to a given treatment, such as how they respond to an influenza vaccine
1.5bn-year-old protein could unlock secrets to fight globally devastating viruses
Viruses that affect or kill millions of people around the world could have a new enemy in the form of an ancient protein, as discovered by an international team of researchers
Drug holds promise of cure for flu, colds
A prototype drug has had a staggering effect on sickness levels in mice infected with cold and flu viruses: "With this test drug, we were able to almost abolish the load of the virus in the lung tissue, compared to an uninfected control," says one of the drug`s developers
Development of Clade-Specific and Broadly Reactive Live Attenuated Influenza Virus Vaccines against Rapidly Evolving H5 Subtype Viruses
In response to the continuing evolution of H5N1 avian influenza viruses and human infections, new candidate H5 live attenuated vaccines were developed by using two different approaches, compared in this study
New research points to treatment breakthrough for viruses
A protein activated by viruses, including influenza, has been identified by researchers. Once activated, it suppresses the body`s key antiviral reaction. This study also investigated a prototype drug to treat these debilitating viral diseases
Trinity Scientists Aid Discovery that Could Develop Better Treatment for Viral Diseases
A Novel A(H7N2) Influenza Virus Isolated from a Veterinarian Caring for Cats in a New York City Animal Shelter Causes Mild Disease and Transmits Poorly in the Ferret Model
While the H7N2 virus was associated with mild illness in mice and ferrets, it did possess several markers of virulence for mammals. These data highlight the promiscuity of influenza viruses and the need for diligent surveillance across multiple species to quickly identify an emerging strain with pandemic potential
CHP investigates three cases of severe paediatric influenza A infection
The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health in Hong Kong is investigating three cases of severe paediatric influenza A infection
The Danger in Delaying or Skipping Vaccinations for Children
More parents are choosing to use alternative vaccine schedules for their children, but experts agree that this practice is not just irresponsible — it’s dangerous
Hyderabad: Alarm as swine flu comes to town
Superintendent of Gandhi Hospital, Dr Shravan Kumar said that “as the temperatures have come down the [swine flu]virus is active again and is affecting those whose immune systems are low”
Four new cases of swine flu in Lucknow
Four new cases of swine flu have been reported in the Uttar Pradesh capital, taking the total number of cases to 15 in Lucknow this year
Bird flu continues to spread in S. Africa
The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N8 virus was confirmed in two more locations in South Africa, bringing the total of affected properties to four
R4 Billion A Month and 30,000 Jobs At Stake If Government Doesn`t Get Its Act Together On Bird Flu, As Fresh Cases Emerge
UAE bans import of bird products from Belgium following bird flu notification
The UAE banned the import of all birds and their by-products from Belgium after the registration of a highly pathogenic avian influenza
UAE prohibits import of poultry meat, bird species from Belgium
No suspected swine flu cases reported in Kakinada GGH
After three swine flu cases were reported at the Kakinada GGH, India, health officials went to the villages of the patients to find out if any other person had similar symptoms, which they had not
Three positive cases of swine flu in city
Lucknow is seeing more positive cases of swine flu in the city
Department of Health says it’s not too late to get flu shot despite 81% rise in confirmed cases
About 4,290 cases of laboratory confirmed influenza have been notified so far this year in Victoria, 81 per cent more than the same period in 2016, and residents are advised to get vaccinated
Surprising Facts You Might Not Know About Vaccines
Why getting vaccinated against a whole range of diseases including influenza is a good idea
How the Republicans` Proposed `Health` Plan Will Hurt Public Health
President Trump’s proposed health plan is being criticised for ill-advised cuts to various programmes, including the immunisation programme which benefits poor children
Metropolis Healthcare gets NABL nod for conducting swine flu test
Metropolis Healthcare has been approved as a swine flu testing centre in accordance with the Maharashtra government
Hospital confirms year`s first flu death, in Phichit
Bangkok - Phichit Hospital confirmed that one of its staff had died after being infected by a still-unidentified type of influenza virus that caused severe symptoms
Winter illnesses with us
Winter has arrived, with GP centres and Gisborne Hospital treating an increasing number of patients with influenza and strep throat
Italian Senate Budget Commission rejects amendments to vaccination decree for mandatory vaccination of staff working in health, social care and education
The Budget Commission of the Italian Senate rejected amendments to the vaccination decree that included the mandatory vaccination of staff working in health, social care and education
The Coas doctors’ union backs compulsory immunization of staff working in schools
In Italy, the Coas doctors’ union is supporting the compulsory immunisation of staff working in schools