"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 23rd Nov 2017

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JCVI advocates adjuvanted influenza vaccine for patients aged 65 years and over for this flu season
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised that GPs and other healthcare professionals in England should consider using Seqirus’ adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine, FLUAD, for the 2018-19 flu season. FLUAD shows an increased breadth of antibody response when compared with non-adjuvanted influenza vaccines, resulting in potentially increased cross protection against drifted influenza strains in older adults
JCVI recommends FLUAD for over 65s during 2018-19 flu season
The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised that healthcare professionals in England should consider using FLUAD for the 2018-19 flu season, as it is both more effective in preventing influenza, and more cost-effective in the 65 years and over age group, when compared to conventional non-adjuvanted vaccines. Dr George Kassianos, GP and immunisation expert, said that "use of this adjuvanted vaccine is expected to result in fewer infections, fewer GP consultations and hospital admissions, and a significantly reduced winter burden on the NHS"
10 Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu This Winter
“Because immune defenses decline with age, seniors should receive either a high dose vaccine or a vaccine with an adjuvant than enhance the immune response such as Fluad” says Dr. Pat Salber, editor-in-chief of The Doctor Weighs In Website. The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 6 month receive the flu shot every year
Pandemic Influenza News
China Gets The Go Ahead To Use Recombinant Interferon Against Bird Flu
Chinese scientists have received approval to use chicken α-interferon, a naturally occurring immune stimulant, in the prevention and treatment of avian influenza in poultry. The rapid development of poultry farming poses challenges to the prevention and control of infectious diseases. In particular, the outbreak of some viral infectious diseases, especially avian influenza, can result in serious economic losses
Surge in human H7N9 cases caused by poultry, not people
“Reassuring” study findings indicate that the recent surge in human influenza A(H7N9) cases in China is probably due to increased spread from poultry to people and not because of a swell in human-to-human transmission. “If sustained human-to-human transmission occurs, it’s very difficult to see how containment could be implemented successfully, and a pandemic would likely result,” Timothy M. Uyeki, MD, medical epidemiologist in the CDC’s Influenza Division and one of the authors of the new report, said
New rules extend marketing standards for free range eggs hit by avian flu restrictions
Producers of free range eggs will be allowed to continue to market their products as such even if their hens have restricted access to open-air runs because of influenza outbreaks following further changes to EU egg marketing standards
HK Suspends Poultry Meat Imports from Parts of Korea
Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety suspended importing poultry meat and products with immediate effect from Jeollabuk-do Province, Gyeongsangnam-do Province and Daegu Metropolitan City in South Korea. The action was in view of the notifications from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and the South Korean authorities about outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N6 and H5N8 avian influenza in the noted areas
Industry News
Novavax's November Jump: The Start Of Something Bigger?
Novavax shares have spiked this month; the rise has been driven principally by the expectation of topline data from the NanoFlu flu vaccine trial. NanoFlu offers a lot to be excited about, and has been a major factor in analyst upgrades over the past few months. The efficacy of NanoFlu in preclinical trials was certainly impressive
Russia’s Natsimbio to invest $100 million in establishment of vaccines production in Ufa
The National Immunobiological Company, Natsimbio, Russia’s leading vaccines’ producer, plans to invest 6 billion roubles (upwards of $100 million) in the construction of a plant for the production of vaccines in the Russian city of Ufa, according to recent statements of the company's general director Maryam Khubieva. The project will be implemented by Natsimbio’s subsidiary Microgen. The plant will produce vaccines for the national calendar of preventive vaccinations, as well as drugs that Microgen plans to produce as part of the technology transfer
Academic studies
Cholesterol Helps Flu Virus Escape Through Host Cell's Membrane, Says Study
After a flu virus infects a host cell and hijacks its inner workings to create copies of itself, these copies gather into viral buds that break free from the host cell to infect again. A new study from MIT now provides the clearest picture yet of how the buds are pinched off from the host cell membrane
Parents can help minimize children's pain from vaccinations, study says
The results of a study suggest that the way parents and caregivers behave during medical appointments not only help shape the way their baby copes during their 12-month vaccination, but also affects how much distress and pain the children experience after a needle during future vaccinations
Scripps researchers: there’s better way to make a flu vaccine
Researchers say that methods (not egg-based) available for the production of vaccines need to be explored. In the 1990s, scientists started using cells from mammals to cultivate the influenza virus. According to the Singapore Health Sciences Authority, this method could increase vaccine production and reduce virus mutations. There is a third way to produce flu vaccines that the FDA approved in 2013, using a protein that induces an immune response in people and is combined with insect cells in order to replicate
Pediatric influenza news
Telethon Kids Institute hopes WA model of vaccination may be rolled out nationally
In Australia, the Telethon Kids Institute is hoping to show the cost benefits of providing free flu vaccines to all young children, in hopes the current WA model of vaccination may be rolled out nationally. WA is the only state currently offering free vaccines to children aged six months to five years, with Queensland starting its own program next year
Over 65’s influenza news
Rise in 'excess deaths' for elderly last winter 'likely due to flu'
There were more than 34,000 "excess deaths" across England and Wales over the last winter period, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. The ONS said the rise "is likely due to the predominant strain of flu prevalent during the 2016 to 2017 winter which had greater impact on the elderly than the young". During the 2016/17 flu season the vaccine was not found to be significantly effective in protecting against influenza among over-65s, but they still ought to get vaccinated
Get yourself vaccinated against the flu in order to prevent respiratory illnesses
Armenia, 17 de noviembre de 2017. Over the last few months the city of Armenia has seen 4 cases of acute respiratory infection. Three of these people died due to complications and coinfections with other illnesses. People in these groups are particularly vulnerable and at risk when the contract flu, that is why getting vaccinated is so important
Infectious disease experts warn about post-flu risks in elderly patients
Infectious disease experts are warning that flu can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and disability in elderly patients for months after they have recovered from their illness. "We have a couple of vaccines now that are particularly designed and licensed for use in older adults and that is because they produce an enhanced immune response in this population," said William Schaffner, MD, professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Disease.
General Influenza News
Essentia fires about 50 workers for refusing to get flu shot
Essentia Health has fired about 50 employees who refused to get a flu shot. after announcing last month that employees would be required to get vaccinated for influenza unless they received a religious or medical exemption. The company said it wanted to help keep patients from getting sick at its 15 hospitals and 75 clinics in Minnesota, Idaho, North Dakota and Wisconsin
North Texas Flu Cases Spike Ahead of Thanksgiving
Health officials in North Texas are warning about a spike in flu cases in adults and children ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. "We've seen a large amount of positive cases, which is a little bit unexpected, just in the last week or so," said Dr. Trent Boyko, an emergency physician.
Vienna health authorities recommend: Hand washing and vaccination as the best form of protection against influenza
We do not know when and to what extent the flu epidemic will reach us," said Michael Binder of the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV), but there are currently no signs of increased influenza activity in Europe. Christoph Wenisch of Wiener Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital says the number one method is to get a flu jab: "Although there is no guarantee of individual protection, it does have a herd immunity effect," he explained, particularly for the elderly or the chronically ill vaccination is important. In addition, laying off alcohol and cigarettes makes sense too
Influenza vaccine 2017 - there is increased protection if you get a quadruple vaccination
The best protection against the flu is a vaccination. The Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) recommends vaccination for people who are at particular risk from influenza: people over 60, pregnant women and persons of all ages (including children) with underlying diseases, such as chronic lung diseases (asthma, COPD), heart disease. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or immune deficiencies, they should all be vaccinated.
Out of season influenza - an increase in hospital cases is starting to concern health experts
Out of season flu cases in Brazil - a survey of health authorities suggests that a possible epidemic may be creeping up on us and the blame lay on low vaccination rates. Recent tests in a children's hospital in Sao Paulo suggest a 500% increase on rates from last year
Get vaccinated against the flu - the time is right now
The immunization campaign against the dreaded flu virus is in full swing in France. So, as winter approaches, the primary health insurance fund in Tarn-et-Garonne wants to work extra hard to further improve immunization coverage which it believes is still insufficient. Around 42,473 Tarn-et-Garonnais received invitations to be immunized for free and that is what health experts want to try and target
SESA has given out more than 71,000 flu vaccination doses
In Yucatan, between the 8th and the 14th November health authorities have handed out 71,165 flu vaccination doses, which were mainly for people at a higher risk of flu complications, the regional governor Carlos Joaquín noted
IMSS has sufficient supplies of flu vaccine at the ready and it is looking to vaccinate the largest number of people
In Mexico, the local Tamaulipas IMSS team is seeking to vaccinate the largest number of people possible against the influenza virus and to ensure that people in this area get the maximum protection possible for the coming seasonal flu period
Police Scotland officers offered free flu jabs
Police officers in Scotland can now claim free flu jabs as part of a scheme to promote wellbeing in the force. They can now get their jab for free at a number of high street pharmacies around the country
Medical Facilities in Bulgaria are Out of Influenza Vaccines
In Bulgaria, flu vaccines have run out, which has been confirmed by doctors and pharmacists. Only 2 to 3% of Bulgarians get a flu shot as no one is entitled to receiving it for free
Over a million influenza vaccination doses provided across Libya
The Executive Director of the National Program for Immunizations in Tripoli, Sadiq Bhailel, has declared that the number of flu vaccine doses that have been distributed since the start of the vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza on the 18th of this month amounted to one million ones throughout Libya
Heartbroken family reveal flu killed their son, 20, as his father, who was in an intensive care bed opposite him, also fought for his life and survived
In the UK, a family revealed how flu killed their 20-year-old son - as his father fought for his life, battling the same illness, beside him. They have spoken out as part of a drive to urge people to get the flu jab
Swiss pharmacists are eager and ready to get you the flu jab you need
Swiss pharmacies in the Canton of Zug have been able to give you a flu jab since last August. But, as getting a jab remains seasonal only now are people coming forward. The Swiss Pharmacist Association spokesperson in Zug says the new arrangement is raising public awareness of the need for a flu jab. And the 10-20% of people who are choosing to get the jab at the pharmacy many of them are saying this is the first time they have chosen to seek protection against the flu. This news offsets the notion that pharmacies are 'stealing patients away from GPs'
Brucker health authorities put out a call for people to get a flu jab
In Germany, Brucker health authorities are calling on the chronically sick, pregnant women, health workers to think again and get vaccinated against the flu this year. The Robert Koch Institute said around 6m people went to the doctor with flu last year. People over 60 are particularly at risk from influenza and must seek a flu jab this winter
In less than a week since the flu vaccination campaign launch there have been 161,000 flu jabs say regional health authorities
There have already been more than 161,000 people in Emilia-Romagna who have decided to get vaccinated against influenza, and today, the Regional Health Advisor, Sergio Venturi, said "Vaccination against influenza is always a good thing and the region must set an example." By November 15, ten days after the start of the vaccination campaign, healthworkers had given more than 161,000 doses of influenza vaccine, over 790,000 doses had been delivered to Asl, family doctors and pediatric surgeries
Burden of disease
North Dakota Flu Activity on the Upswing Earlier Than Normal
North Dakota health officials are seeing a higher-than-normal amount of flu activity for this time of year. The Health Department says it typically doesn't start seeing case numbers escalate until at least mid-December. As of the end of last week, there had been 124 cases statewide, with 10 hospitalizations
Delaware Health Officials Confirm 1st Flu Cases in Children
Public health officials in Delaware have confirmed the first flu cases in children for the 2017-2018 season. The pediatric cases bring the total number of flu cases this season to 14 for the week ending Nov. 11. Another eight cases have been preliminarily confirmed for the week ending Nov. 18. The department is urging all Delaware residents 6 months and older to get vaccinated soon