"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 14th Jul 2017

Where I would invest $25,000 in the share market today
Recommendation to invest in CSL as “CSL is positioned perfectly to deliver above-average earnings growth for at least the next decade”
Africa: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Updates On Avian Influenza H5N8 Outbreak in South Africa
HPAI H5N8 virus was confirmed in two further locations in South Africa, bringing the total of affected properties to four
SA Poultry Industry at Risk if Bird Flu Not Contained
Consumers are concerned about the presence of bird flu, but this strain does not affect human beings. Presently, the two outbreaks in South Africa are contained on two farms
A Flu Pandemic Is Coming, But When, and How Bad Will It Be?
One of the reasons authorities are currently worried about the possibility of a flu pandemic is the increasing amount of interaction between human flus and bird flus
6 devastating effects of cutting CDC funding
Opinion piece discussing the dangers of cutting immunisation programmes in the USA
When Science Helps Governments Manage Risk And Innovation
Robust scientific evidence can help governments deal with threats and get the most out of new technologies, said UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Mark Walport
Sanofi to buy US vaccines biotechnology firm Protein Sciences
Sanofi has entered into an agreement to acquire Connecticut-based Protein Sciences
Vaccination - the myth of risk is actually making health issues much more risky
Recently, the Court of Justice of the EU handed opponents of basic public health their greatest legal victory in recent memory, deciding that courts may weigh whether a vaccine caused an illness regardless of whether or not there is any scientific evidence linking the two
Novartis sued by bird flu guinea pig
10 years ago Novartis commissioned clinical trials for a bird flu vaccine which ended up being carried out on homeless people in Poland; one man, who says they were told they were being tested for a conventional flu vaccine, is now suing
WHO decision to downgrade Tamiflu `comes far too late` argues expert
Mark Ebell, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Georgia, outlines important lessons from the Tamiflu story, and says that belief in the efficacy of oseltamivir "may have led to less research to find truly effective drugs for influenza, again harming the public"
50-year-old flu virus model revamped, revealing pandemic prediction possibilities
The scientific textbook depiction of the flu virus is about to get a facelift, due to a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine team`s discovery that a model of the influenza genome architecture untouched since the 1970s isn`t so perfect after all
How live animal markets create a perfect storm for bird flu
China’s ubiquitous live animal markets, where chickens remain alive until a buyer arrives, have been ground zero for transmission of H7N9 flu. And a unique U.S. study, recently presented at a scientific meeting in Hong Kong, helps to explain why
Not to be sniffed at: Irish scientists discover a possible cure for colds
Scientists discovered that a 1.5 billion-year-old cell biological process found in plants, fungi and mammals enhances viral disease in mice and the researchers believe it is highly likely it has the same effect on viruses in humans
New Emmes Research Offers Insights Into How Adjuvants Increase Avian Flu Vaccine Effectiveness
The overall goal of this study was to better understand how the adjuvant AS03 enhanced H5N1 avian flu vaccine by integrating multiple genomics and proteomics technologies
Karolinska: New tool demonstrates differences in human immune systems
Researchers have developed a tool for measuring the unique composition of white blood cells in individuals, and have also found that the test may predict how individuals will respond to a given treatment, e.g. individual response to an influenza vaccine
Two-year-old girl fighting for her life as Hong Kong summer flu season hits
In Hong Kong, the Centre for Health Protection is investigating three recent cases of severe paediatric influenza A, one of which involves a two-year-old girl in critical condition; a three year-old girl is in a serious condition, while a 19-month-old boy is in stable condition
Is your child having a cold or influenza?
A consultant paediatrician explains why parents should ensure their children are immunised against influenza every year
The Belgian Health Council issues advice on influenza vaccination
Advice from the Belgian Health Council regarding flu vaccinations for three different groups of people
France looks to curb its growing anti-vaccination movement with a new law
Some experts question whether a vaccination mandate will sway public opinion in France, where distrust in vaccines has risen alarmingly in recent years
A new alternative to the traditional vaccination (flu patches)
Vaccine patches have been around for some time, now they have been tested for the first time in humans
‘Civil liberties’ at centre of vaccination debate in Texas
The heart of the vaccine debate is not just about whether vaccines help or hurt children anymore. It’s about civil liberties, at least in Texas
Will This Year’s Flu Vaccine Be More Effective? Who Knows
Last season`s flu vaccine was only moderately effective and experts don`t know why. This year’s vaccine may or may not be better, in any case more people need to be vaccinated so that we can benefit from herd immunity
2 suspected cases of swine flu found
In Indore, India, two suspected cases of H1N1 prompted the health department to increase precautions and keep a separate ward at MY Hospital on standby to deal with the situation
PAHO / WHO seeks new solutions to improve health care delivery in Central America and the Caribbean
In Central America and the Caribbean, thousands of people do not have access to affordable and quality health care and medications, vaccines, and medical devices do not always reach those who need them
Govt directed to set up special wards for H1N1 patients in hospitals
The Madurai bench of the Madras high court has ordered the government to set up special wards for H1N1 patients in district headquarters hospitals in the state in four months
Speech by Socialist Party politician Enrico Buemi on vaccines
Italian Socialist Party politician Enrico Buemi speaks in favour of compulsory vaccination
In Italy the impassioned parliamentary debate and subsequent vote on the vaccination decree is pushed back to next week
In Italy the debate and vote on the vaccination decree has been pushed back to next week
Shots aren`t just for kids
Vaccines are an important part of routine health care for adults, seniors and pregnant women, not just children, as vaccine-preventable diseases kill more adults in the United States than either breast cancer, HIV/AIDS or motor vehicle accidents
Police officer dies of swine flu
An Assistant commissioner of police became the latest victim of swine flu in Mumbai, and an extensive awareness campaign in the compound of the police quarters was carried out after his death