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Should you buy these 3 healthcare shares?
CSL’s shares may be a touch on the expensive side compared to the market average, but I believe that the biotherapeutics company would still be a great buy and hold investment due to its leading immunoglobulin business and its soon to be profitable Seqirus vaccine business. I believe these businesses and the strong underlying demand it is experiencing has put the company in a position to deliver above-average long-term profit growth.
Pandemic Influenza News
Chinese Poultry Markets May Be Home to Complex Avian Influenza Virus Collections
A flu surveillance study by a Guangxi Veterinary Research Institute-led team suggests live poultry markets in China are sometimes home to low pathogenic avian influenza viruses (LPAIVs) that do not cause significant harm to birds carrying them, but may lead to more serious disease and outbreaks in humans. At the live poultry markets considered, the team noted that ducks often carried viruses from the H3 influenza virus subtype, while geese most often carried H6 influenza. H9 influenza was over-represented in chickens. Even so, more than 25 percent of the LPAIV-positive samples contained more than one flu virus subtype, creating an environment that may allow LPAIV rearrangement and recombination
EID Journal: Characterization Of A Feline Influenza A(H7N2) Virus
Human infection with LPAI H7N2 has only rarely been reported, with only a couple of cases on record in the United States (in 2002 and 2003), and 4 people who were presumed to have been infected in the UK in 2007 following local outbreaks in poultry. In all cases, illness was described as mild and self limiting. Avian H7N2 doesn't appear to be ready for prime time, but it has evolved considerably since its previous appearances in U.S. poultry nearly 15 years ago
Defra says UK bird flu risk remains unchanged despite outbreak in the Netherlands
Defra reviewed avian influenza risk in the UK following an outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of the virus in the Netherlands, which resulted in the cull of a 16,000-bird flock of ducks, and a mandatory housing order for poultry. But despite a number of new cases of avian influenza in Europe, Defra has decided not to increase the threat level in this country
Industry News
Communication is key to quashing suspicion around vaccination drives
The barrier that rumour-mongering presents to vaccine delivery logistics is so serious that the world’s premier pandemic preparedness assessment body, the Joint External Evaluation, or JEE Alliance, ranks "dynamic listening and rumour-management" as one of the most important risks governments must get under control.
Scientists for EU co-founder questions UK participation in EU science post-Brexit
A leading data scientist has cast doubt on whether the UK can continue to participate in the Horizon 2020 programme after the country leaves the European Union, following the publication of a joint report. Steve Bates, chief executive of the BioIndustry Association welcomed the report but said it was now crucial that the UK and EU agree a transition period to ensure that the supply of medicines to patients in the UK and across Europe is not affected
Academic studies
New estimate shows higher global rate of deaths from flu
About 291,000 to 646,000 people in the world die from seasonal flu each year, higher than an often-used statistic of 250,000 to 500,000 deaths that is has always tilted toward higher-income countries and is based on data thought to reach back to the 1990s. An international team from 47 countries, which included experts from the CDC, published its findings, along with details of how the investigators made their calculations, in The Lancet. Results showed that the poorest regions and older adults carried the greatest flu mortality burden
Protection from Influenza A Using Lactobacilli
Investigators at Georgia State University have just released data showing that lactobacilli, commonly used as probiotics to improve digestive health, can offer protection against different subtypes of influenza A virus. Findings from the new study showed that bacterial protection resulted in reduced weight loss after virus infection and lower amounts of virus replication in the lungs. "Our study provides evidence that heat-killed lactic acid bacteria could potentially be administered via a nasal spray as a prophylactic drug against nonspecific influenza virus infections," Dr. Kang concluded
Is Influenza Vaccine Effective This Winter?
In a new paper published in F1000 Research, Paessler and Veljko Velkovic, co-founder of Biomed Protection, used a bioinformatics platform to determine how well the current seasonal flu vaccine might protect against H3N2 flu viruses isolated in the U.S and Australia between July and September 2017. Virus gene sequences from currently circulating strains were obtained from the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Database. The results suggest that the current flu vaccine will work better during the 2018 U.S. flu season than the 2017 Australian flu season
ASU scientists develop new, rapid pipeline for antimicrobials
In the U.S., the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency put out a call for researchers to figure out how to make at least 1000 doses to any unknown pathogen - in a week. An ASU team rose to this challenge. "As far as we know we were the only team to figure out how to do this for any pathogen - virus or bacterium," said research leader Stephen Albert Johnston. Their system was tested against two societal scourges and major worldwide health concerns: a potentially pandemic flu strain (H1N1 influenza) as a viral test and a bacterium that causes surgery-related infections, S. epidermidis.
Pediatric influenza news
Leeds - Make sure your child gets flu jab
Parents are being urged to make sure their toddlers get a free flu nasal spray vaccination from their GP. Public Health England and NHS England in Yorkshire and the Humber issued the warning after statistics showed that just under 9,800 two-year-olds and 10,000 three-year-olds have been vaccinated so far, meaning around 72,000 are still unprotected
Protective effect of maternal influenza vaccination on influenza in their infants: a prospective cohort study
A study looked at the effectiveness of maternal influenza vaccination in preventing infants’ influenza. It concluded that pregnant women and postpartum women should receive influenza vaccination in order to protect their infants.
Over 65’s influenza news
Doctors warn deadly flu strain has arrived in Middle Tennessee
The same deadly flu strain that hit Australia is here in Middle Tennessee, and doctors say it’s especially a concern for older people. Infectious disease Dr. William Schaffner at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says the H3N2 strain came early, and they are already seeing people hospitalized. Dr. Schaffner says those age 65 or older are especially susceptible
Reduced immune response to the flu identified in older adults
There is no demographic more at risk for succumbing to the negative effects of the flu than the elderly population. A new study of the influenza virus from researchers at Yale School of Medicine helps to illustrate this point, finding that aging impairs the immune system’s response to the flu virus in more ways than one. “Influenza virus mortality is the highest in older adults. This study sheds light on a mechanism that underlies this impaired antiviral response,” said senior author Akiko Iwasaki
General Influenza News
San Diego VA's haywire alert system led to bad flu vaccine, "accountability" actions underway
After a San Diego VA refrigerator failed and left 1,500 people with useless flu shots in October, the La Jolla VA hospital director says temperature alerts went to the wrong people and nobody took action — for 10 days. "I take this very seriously," Dr. Robert Smith said in an interview. “Individual accountability is going to be — or in my opinion, should be — part of our response.” As of this week, the “accountability actions” are underway, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs officials in San Diego said
A sharp rise in reported respiratory ailments this season
In recent weeks with a decrease in temperature there has been a 30% increase in the number of medical consultation linked to respiratory problems and, therefore, a rise in the sale of medicines linked to these conditions. A tour of pharmaceutical chains in Merida confirmed this. The products in most demand are to treat the flu, syrups for coughs and antibiotics for respiratory infections.
Edomex prisoners are getting a flu jab
The Mexican Secretary of State for Security (SSEM), in coordination with the Health Institute of the same entity (ISEM), has given out more than 26,000 flu vaccination jabs to inmates in Mexican jails with the purpose of diminishing this disease during the present winter season.
The IMSS has handed out 5.7m influenza jabs so far
The DG of the IMSS, Tuffic Miguel Ortega, said the agency has already given out more than half of all the flu vaccines it had according to its records. Tuffic Miguel called upon the local population to step forward and get vaccinated against the fly before the start of the seasonal outbreak of the disease
Flu Vaccine Available From December 18
In Bermuda, from December 18, the seasonal influenza vaccine will be available to the public from the Department of Health, at a cost of $10.00 per shot, and free of charge for persons over the age of 65 years
Government Expecting 12 Thousand H1N1 Vaccines For Immunization
In Ghana, the government is expecting to receive about 12 thousand doses of H1N1 Influenza Vaccines to carry out a vaccination exercise with the Kumasi Academy, KUMACA and the school’s immediate environs as priorities. All the students and staff of the school will be vaccinated to avert any more infections
Calls to boost uptake as less than half of eligible patients had flu jab
Less than half of the patients eligible for free flu vaccinations were vaccinated in 2016/17, a British Lung Foundation report has revealed. The report, Out in the cold, Lung disease, the hidden driver of NHS winter pressure, showed that just 48% of patients with chronic respiratory disease and patients aged 65 and over, among others, were vaccinated. The UK has ‘a commendably high uptake of the flu vaccine in over 65s, compared with most countries’, according to the report, yet the uptake in patients with chronic lung conditions is substantially lower
Lung experts 'deeply concerned' by low flu jab uptake in England
In the UK, fewer than half those eligible for a free winter flu jab have had one, despite high-profile warnings that this winter could bring the biggest flu outbreak in years, NHS figures reveal. Just 44% of people aged under 65 with an underlying medical condition, and only 43% of pregnant women, have had the jab. Uptake among primary school aged children is even lower than among adults. Lung experts said the low uptake rates were “deeply concerning” and warned that vulnerable patients could suffer
Dorset County Hospital prepares for winter flu crisis
At Dorset County Hospital in the UK, doctors are preparing for the possibility that the flu that hit Australia and New Zealand badly over their winter could come to us. Chief operating officer for Dorset County Hospital Julie Pearce explains that every precaution is being taken against flu this winter: "We do know that Australia and New Zealand have had quite a difficult winter for flu, which means that sometimes we can experience the same thing because winter is at a different time of year for the northern hemisphere We are making sure that all our staff have been vaccinated for flu, or at least offered it. It's important that we are ready in case flu is a particular problem for us."
Dominican Republic has given out 280,000 flu vaccination jabs
The Dominican Ministry of Health has distributed 280,000 doses of the type B influenza vaccine to apply to adults and children belonging to at-risk groups, such as the elderly, pregnant women, children under two years of age and chronic patients. This means that the health authorities now have the vaccines A (H1N1) and A (H3N2) necessary to protect the most vulnerable groups, with 180,000 ready doses for adults and 100,000 for children aged six months to two years, the health authorities reported today on its website
Burden of disease
State DPH: Flu-related illnesses on the uptick
Influenza-like illnesses remain elevated in Massachusetts, similar to other areas of the country, according to the state's Department of Health report for the week of Dec. 8. The report shows influenza-like illness increasing in most regions of the state, with confirmed flu cases higher this season compared to last at this time, though visits to health care providers for such illnesses dropped from the previous week
Health Ministry denies H1N1 flu-related death
In Jordan the Health Ministry denied a H1N1 (swine) flu-related woman death as media reports stated without verifying from reliable sources. Jordan has not registered any H1N1 flu cases since 2006, the ministry's statement said. Ministry Spokesperson Hatem Azrui said the reports mixed H1N1 and seasonal flu, and that the woman died of seasonal flu
Number of flu-related deaths in Alberta this season rises to 13
Eight new flu-related deaths were reported in Alberta over the past two weeks and new numbers show Calgary continues to be the hardest-hit part of the province this flu season. New figures release by Alberta Health Services (AHS) on Thursday show the number of Albertans who have died this season who also had lab-confirmed influenza has risen to 13.
Health Department says the flu is running rampant in New York
The state Health Department says influenza is now prevalent in New York state, which means health care workers who haven’t had a flu shot must wear procedural masks around patients. The agency says there have been over 1,800 confirmed cases of influenza in 54 counties and all boroughs of New York City. More than 600 required hospitalization
French health chiefs on alert as Paris region hit by flu epidemic
The greater Paris region of Ile-de-France is officially in the midst of a flu epidemic, according to health authorities after the number of cases rocketed in recent days. "For the moment, there is not a single influenza virus that dominates, it is rather a mix of different strains. There are A viruses (H1N1 and H3N2), and cases of the B virus. For the moment it is less aggressive than last year, but we won't know for sure until a few weeks time, " Dr. Sibylle Bernard-Stoecklin, from Santé Publique France, said