"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 17th Jul 2017

CSL Limited: a standout investment idea for 2018 and beyond
If you know you can tie your money up for several years, and focus on the business fundamentals then CSL may be right for you, no matter that the share price is today trading at around $130 and twice the valuation of the broader market
H1N1 causing neurological problems in Indian kids
Over the last month paediatric neurologists in Mumbai have treated five to six confirmed cases of H1N1 in children, these case presented with neurological complication instead of just the usual fever
2 fresh cases of swine flu detected in Chandigarh
The reason for swine flu cases in summer, said health officials in India, is because of “mutations reported in the Indian strain of H1N1 which has resulted in increased infectivity and better adaptability”
47 out of 66 who succumbed to swine flu were not from Pune
The number of swine flu deaths reported in Pune, India has reached 66. Interestingly, 47 out of 66 people who succumbed to swine flu were not residents of Pune, but had come to the city seeking treatment for swine flu
Carrie Lam issues action call in Hong Kong hospitals’ flu crisis
In Hong Kong, the authority in charge of public wards was told to come up with urgent measures ‘very soon’ as doctors struggle to cope with a deadly summer flu outbreak
Advisory out for seasonal flu vaccine too
Indian Hajis have been advised to undergo vaccination for seasonal influenza for the Haj season this
The Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces the Filing of a Securities Class Action on Behalf of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Investors and Encourages Investors to Contact the Firm
A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of investors who purchased Sinovac securities between April 30, 2013 to May 16, 2017, inclusive. Sinovac investors have until September 1, 2017 to file a lead plaintiff motion in this class action
IDSA criticizes repeal of Prevention and Public Health Fund
In response to the Senate introduction of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, the Infectious Diseases Society of America came out strongly against the legislation, citing the detrimental effects it would have on patients with Zika, influenza and Ebola
Swiss pharma firm sued over bird flu trials on homeless people
In 2007, Novartis hired a company in Poland to test a vaccine for bird flu; the trials were carried out on homeless and poor people, but one former subject says participants were told the vaccine was for the conventional flu virus, and he has launched a civil suit against the Basel-based company
GSK ships 2017-18 seasonal influenza vaccines for US market
GSK announced it has begun shipping quadrivalent vaccine doses to US healthcare providers, following licensing and lot-release approval from the US FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
New Study Shows Pharmacists-Involvement Can Dramatically Improve Vaccination Rates
A new pilot study from the American Pharmacists Association Foundation found that when pharmacists are given the right tools to access patient vaccination history, they can significantly improve the number of vaccines administered to the patients they serve
Human Flu Vaccine Triggers Broad Immune Responses against Multiple Strains
An influenza vaccine trial in human volunteers has generated results that could help scientists develop a universal influenza vaccine that offers broad protection against yearly shifting viral strains
Preferential induction of cross-group influenza A hemagglutinin stem–specific memory B cells after H7N9 immunization in humans
A universal flu vaccine would prevent the need for yearly flu shots, but successful development has been hampered by the diversity and adaptability of the influenza virus
The level of vaccination coverage for children against influenza is low
In Salta province, Argentina, too few young children have been immunised against the flu this year
American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Launches Highlight on VACCINATIONS 4 TEENS to Help Address Teen Under-Vaccination
Persons six months of age and older, including preteens and teens, should get the flu vaccine every year, ideally by the end of October
Report Finds Many Adults 65 & Over Are Unvaccinated Against Several Infectious Diseases
A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics indicates that many adults aged 65 and older are not receiving the recommended vaccinations against diseases including influenza
The free vaccination campaign offered by PAMI continues
The over 65s in Mar del Plata, Argentina, can still receive free flu shots through PAMI
FDA: Ensure antiviral to treat H1N1 easily available
In Mumbai, the state Food and Drug Administration has asked all its zonal offices to ensure that the antiviral used to treat H1N1 is widely available with chemists and has started helplines where people can report any shortage of oseltamivir
Rise in swine flu cases leads to ruckus in BMC general body
There was a face-off between ruling Shiv Sena and the Opposition during the general meeting of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on the rise of Swine Flu cases
Swine flu shuts down hog barn at Clinton County Fair (H3N2)
The hog barn at the Clinton County Fair, Ohio, was shut down due to an outbreak of the swine flu. Officials said a case of H3N2 Swine Flu was confirmed in one hog, but there are no human cases at this time
Southern NSW Local Health District reports rise in influenza cases in Goulburn district
In Australia, Southern NSW Local Health District is reminding residents to take seriously the risks associated with the winter flu season
Southern NSW Local Health District reports rise in influenza cases in Goulburn district
Swine flu alert sounded in Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand health department has sounded swine flu alert after recording three deaths within ten days in Dehradun
One new case of swine flu confirmed in Manipur
Manipur Health Minister L. Jayentakumar announced that a 45-year-old man from Imphal west district has been confirmed to be suffering from swine flu
Going beyond the pros and cons of vaccines
The recent emergence of an “anti-vaccine” trend in Việt Nam has sparked a debate, with many parents, officials and other stakeholders weighing in either side, mostly favouring vaccinations as a life-saver
Swine Flu case detected in Imphal West: Health Minister
One Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 case has been detected in Imphal West
Kerala: Public fleeced in the name of H1N1
In India, H1N1 Nodal officer has cautioned people against private hospitals conducting needless tests in the name of H1N1 in various parts of Kerala. Meanwhile, authorities have refuted the reports of shortage of H1N1 medicines in government hospitals
43 swine flu cases, three deaths in Uttar Pradesh
Cases of swine flu are on the increase in Uttar Pradesh over the past ten days with reports of 43 H1N1 infected people out of which three had died. Meanwhile, the Director General, Health, said authorities have sufficient stock of Tamiflu and that there was no need to panic
Average flu numbers for Whanganui this winter
New Zealand- Whanganui`s medical officer of health said cases of flu had been increasing since mid-June but it was nothing out of the ordinary
They injected me and gave me the flu – Is the vaccine to blame?
Why people receiving the flu shot can still catch the flu (but not from the injection itself)
Vaccination against the flu has only reached 30% of the people in Lambayeque
In Lambayeque, Peru, the rate for flu immunisation is too slow with only 30% uptake and fears that the flu vaccine stock will go to waste
Health Dept wakes up after two swine flu deaths
The death of two patients within a week due to Swine Flu in Dehradun has jolted the district health department into action, sending samples of six suspected patients to National Centre of Disease Control, New Delhi out of which three samples were found positive
China`s weekly H7N9 case totals stay in single digits
For the second week in a row, China reported just one H7N9 avian influenza case for the week, a sign that the fifth wave of activity is probably drawing to a close
From smallpox to AIDS, how the world has battled infectious diseases
It’s easy to forget about the danger of influenza. In most cases, this virus is responsible for a respiratory illness of varying severity that generally doesn’t require treatment, but influenza has been responsible for more deaths in the last century than HIV/AIDS
Record-breaking Erie flu season lasted 7 months
In the USA, Erie County’s 2016-17 flu season stretched from Halloween to Memorial Day weekend, and sickened more people than any season since flu became a reportable disease in 2003
No bird flu in the north west
The North West Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development has assured farmers that there have been no cases of the Avian Influenza viral disease recorded in the province
Corporator’s wife down with swine flu infection
The swine flu outbreak in Mumbai continued with a BJP corporator’s wife and niece diagnosed with the H1N1 viral infection, and a truck driver from Rabale succumbing to influenza in a Navi