"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 18th Jul 2017

We Are One Step Closer To Preventing The Next Pandemic
We may have taken the first steps towards a H7N9 vaccine: researchers from Korea and Russia have developed vaccine candidates with the capability of protecting animals while American scientists have shown their version of the vaccine also appears to develop an immune response in humans
Hong Kong private hospitals asked to help as public wards overflow amid flu peak
In Hong Kong, private hospitals will be asked to take patients from public medical wards that are struggling to cope with occupancy rates of up to 124 per cent amid the peak summer flu season
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam calls for action to tackle unusually long summer flu crisis
Public hospitals in Hong Kong are struggling with a flu crisis and the city`s chief executive has called on the Hospital Authority to come up with urgent measures
Alarming rise in swine flu cases among Indian youth: 600 killed in the first half of 2017
Swine flu cases are on a steady rise in India, with a new strain of H1N1 virus -- the Michigan strain. Till July 9, 2017, H1N1 has affected 12,460 people and has caused 600 deaths all over India
Swine flu: H1N1 virus kills 600 in first half of 2017; symptoms, prevention
Sanofi Pasteur Ships First Influenza Vaccine Doses for 2017-2018 Season
Sanofi Pasteur announced that its first doses of the Fluzone portfolio for the 2017-2018 flu season have been released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and that it has begun distributing initial shipments
Sanofi Pasteur Ships First of its U.S. Influenza Vaccine Doses for 2017-2018 Season
Biondvax Pharmaceuticals: New Funds To Support M-001’s Phase Iii Initia
A €20m loan agreement with the European Investment Bank is a game changing event for BiondVax as over the next three years it will be able to drawdown all the money presuming the development milestones related to the lead universal flu vaccine candidate M-001 are met
GSK delivers flu vaccines to the U.S.
Following approval from the U.S. FDA, GSK has begun shipping vaccines against seasonal flu to the U.S.
GSK Ships 2017-18 Seasonal Influenza Vaccines for U.S. Market
GSK Ships Seasonal Influenza Vaccines for US Market
Lucerne pharmacists have access to syringes to offer vaccinations
In the Lucerne Canton of Switzerland, three pharmacists have been given access to syringes to provide vaccinations on site, and more want to follow suit
Newly identified genetic marker may help detect high-risk flu patients
Researchers have discovered an inherited genetic variation that may help identify patients at elevated risk for severe, potentially fatal influenza infections; they have also linked the gene variant to a mechanism that explains the elevated risk and offers clues about the broader anti-viral immune response
Added ‘loops’ make flu model more useful
A model of the influenza genome architecture is going to get an overhaul as new research reveals loopholes in the way the virus packages its genetic material. Knowing about the loopholes and how they interact with each other could offer the opportunity to better predict pandemics and find new ways to disrupt the flu virus
Needle-Free Patch Makes Vaccination as Easy as Putting on a Band-Aid
Scientists have developed a “microneedle patch” that makes vaccination so quick and easy it can be done at home. Plus, it’s painless
Scientists have developed a bandagelike patch that could painlessly replace the flu shot
Influenza Virus Mutates Quicker Than Previously Thought
Using a new test, researchers found that the rate at which the flu virus mutates may be more than double the rates that had been previously reported. This will help in developing better models of influenza evolution, potentially allowing for better predictions of the changes in circulating strains that allow the viruses to bypass existing vaccines
NIH Director Francis Collins: `Virtually everything` would be affected by Trump`s budget cuts
NIH Director Francis Collins explains that “Virtually everything that we support with a very deep cut would be affected. That would include an effort that Dr. [Anthony] Fauci [director of the NIH`s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] is leading to try to develop an influenza vaccine that would work for all possible strains of the flu”
Severe paediatric influenza A infection amid Hong Kong’s summer influenza season
“Summer flu is not rare in Hong Kong but it’s stronger this year,” said Dr Chi-Chiu Leung, chairman of the Hong Kong Medical Association Advisory’s Committee on Communicable Diseases. Three children have contracted severe influenza A infection, which has led to a full-blown investigation
Prevention is key: Add immunizations to your back-to-school list
As children move into adolescence, the potential to contract certain diseases increases, making the important of keeping immunizations current even greater; everyone 11-12 years should get a flu vaccine every year
1 in 10 infants received no vaccinations last year: UN
A full 12.9 million infants received no vaccinations last year, WHO found in a joint report with the UN`s children`s agency, UNICEF
1 in 10 infants worldwide did not receive any vaccinations in 2016
1 in 10 infants received no vaccination last year: UN
Global Disease: Nearly 13 Million Infants Were Not Vaccinated in 2016
New CDC Chief Lays Out Priorities as Agency Faces Cuts
The new CDC director said she will prioritize a wide range of public health issues, from fighting infectious disease to strengthening early-childhood development, as the federal agency faces potentially substantial budget cuts
Swine flu cases Health dept issues advisory for residents
Chandigarh, the health department checked 245 houses in two areas from where the swine flu cases were reported and Tamiflu was given to people who had come in contact with the two cases
Dr Jean-Paul Hamon: ‘When you leave central government to organize vaccination programmes it is a disaster’
Dr Hamon, President of the French GP Federation, discusses the government’s decision to make 11 vaccines compulsory and the problems caused by the fact that many vaccines are not easily available in order to carry this out
In Chubut the full vaccination campaign has reached many not let’s get more in the at risk groups immunized
In the Argentinian province of Chubut, the flu vaccination campaign has reached 68,500 people in the ‘at risk’ group, and more people are being encouraged to get immunised
Flu – the free vaccination campaign organized by PAMI continues across the country
Already 815,000 PAMI members have been vaccinated against the flu for free in Argentina, as 6,000 pharmacies participate in the scheme
Continúa la campaña de vacunación gratuita de PAMI en todo el país
CHP appeals for heightened vigilance against sharp increase in influenza activity
The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health issued a letter to doctors, hospitals, institutions and schools to remind them of the need for heightened vigilance amid a marked increase in activity of seasonal influenza in Hong Kong
Sussex County business creates mobile lab to test for bird flu
Two Sussex County men have developed an on-the-go method to quickly test chickens for bird flu, which could help protect Delmarva’s $3.2 billion poultry industry
Swine Flu On the Rise Again: Regular Consumption Of These Foods May Help Boost Immunity Against the H1NI Virus
Advice on the best foods to eat to boost your immunity during the flu season
More Maine Parents Declining to Vaccinate Children
New data from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that more children are entering kindergarten without vaccinations for diseases like measles, chicken pox and whooping cough
450% increase in flu cases
In Australia, the flu season starts around July but the Central Coast has already recorded 88 flu cases in June compared to 16 flu notifications for the same period last year
Flu keeps doctors busy with Gympie house calls
A high number of flu cases across Gympie region kept doctors from the new House Call Doctor service busy across their first weekend operating in the region, a spokesman said
New Health-Care Bills Could Mean Big Cuts to Immunization Funding
Funding for immunizations would be badly impacted in President Trump`s budget plan, which would reduce the amount of money the CDC spends to support immunization efforts from about $606 million in 2017 to about $521 million in 2018
Sunshine Hospital to offer free vaccines for pregnant women
Pregnant women will be offered free flu and whooping cough vaccinations at Sunshine Hospital in a bid to reverse a trend of low immunisation rates in Melbourne’s west
Vaccination requirements amended in the decree
Details of how amendments are modifying the Italian decree on compulsory vaccinations which is up for debate on Tuesday 18th July
Northern League’s Luca Zaia calls compulsory vaccination a grotesque mass experiment
In Italy, Northern League’s Luca Zaia criticises the mandatory nature of vaccinations, saying that the principle of self-determination in health care choices is being violated
Teens may be missing vaccines because parents aren`t aware they need one
More than a third of parents of teens didn`t know when their child`s next vaccine was due and half of parents incorrectly assumed that their doctor would initiate an appointment when the time came, according to a report at the University of Michigan
Deadly July in Mumbai: 7 swine flu, 2 leptospirosis deaths
In July, seven more people died of swine flu, taking the toll to 22 in Mumbai this year. Health experts have ruled out that a mutation in the virus is causing the deaths, and attributed the spread of the H1N1 virus to an antigenic drift
Low and middle income countries need $371 billion annually to meet SDG by 2030
Low- and middle-income countries including India may require up to $371 billion annually to meet life-saving global health targets by 2030, the World Health Organization said