"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 19th Jul 2017

Gov’t won’t take advantage of democrats with by-election arrangements, says Carrie Lam
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the government will issue measures to resolve the recent surge in patients at hospitals brought about by flu, such as asking doctors who are on leave to help, using more capacity at private hospitals, and urging patients who can be discharged to leave as soon as possible
Hospital Authority announces suspension of all hospital accreditation activities amidst summer influenza peak season
In view of the recent service demand surge in public hospitals and the heavy workload of frontline staff—due to the summer flu peak season in Hong Kong—the Hospital Authority’s said that all public hospitals would suspend hospital accreditation activities to alleviate non-clinical duties of healthcare staff
No swine flu vaccines available at government hospitals in Pimpri
Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital Pimpri has completely run out of the H1N1 Influenza vaccine. There are no flu vaccines available in eight PCMC hospitals in Delhi and the authorities in the health department have expressed their helplessness over the issue
Is Mumbai under the siege of swine flu once again with five deaths and 250 cases reported?
Precaution should be taken to prevent an epidemic like swine flu. ‘The H1N1 virus strain changes every year and this year the strain that has been found is less harmful than what we saw three years back. The chances of suffering from its complications are far less if treatment is provided on time,’ says Dr Vikrant Shah
BiondVax to set up new Jerusalem manufacturing plant
BiondVax will soon start construction of a new manufacturing facility in Jerusalem, with the capacity to annually produce tens of millions of doses of the M-001 universal flu vaccine candidate
BiondVax Secures Commercial Facility to Manufacture Universal Flu Vaccine, Facility is Planned to Produce Up to 10s of Millions of Doses per Year
Sanofi Pasteur Ships First of Its U.S. Influenza Vaccine Doses
Sanofi Pasteur has begun distributing initial shipments of Fluzone, representing the first of nearly 70 million total doses of seasonal influenza vaccine manufactured by the company for this upcoming influenza season
Sanofi Pasteur Ships First of Its U.S. Influenza Vaccine Doses
Widespread Shipment of Fluzone Product Line Will Begin in Early August
The Flu Bug promotes flu tests through word of mouth campaign
Quidel, a manufacturer and developer of flu tests, is using word of mouth marketing to get more people to recognize the dangers of flu and drive home the fact that they need to take precautions to avoid being infected or seek treatment
Designing a universal flu vaccine; detecting pancreatic cancer in blood
Scientists from the Vaccine Research Center at the NIH have discovered that by targeting the “stem” domain of the flu virus—rather than the highly variable “head” domain, as current vaccines do—they can induce a broad immune response against multiple strains of the virus
High doses of vitamin D no better than standard dose for preventing colds and flu in kids, Toronto researchers find
For the past 30 years, vitamin D has been thought to play a role in preventing or reducing the number of colds and bouts of flu children experience; but researchers found children who received the standard dose of 400 international units and those given 2,000 IUs per day each had about two viral respiratory infections on average
High doses of vitamin D no better than standard dose for preventing colds and flu in kids, Toronto researchers find
No Benefit with High-Dose D for Kids` Respiratory Infections
High-Dose Vitamin D Does Not Prevent Kids` Colds in Winter
High-dose vitamin D doesn`t appear to reduce the winter sniffles for children
High-dose vitamin D does not seem to prevent kids’ colds
Researchers discover gene mutations that worsen respiratory infections among children
Researchers funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation have discovered mutations that worsen respiratory infections among children. Their study explains the mechanism involved
Researchers discover how influenza virus repackages genetic material to create new strains
A recent discovery made by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences revealed a loophole in which the influenza virus packages its genetic material to give rise to new strains of the flu
St. Jude-led researchers identify flu-risk genetic marker
Researchers from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Le Bonheur Children`s Hospital discovered an inherited genetic variation that may help identify patients at greater risk for severe, potentially fatal flu infections
InDevR Cypher One™ Collaborative Study With FDA Published
InDevR announced study results and a joint publication with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of “Automated interpretation of influenza hemagglutination inhibition (HAI) assays: is plate tilting necessary?”
CHP investigates two cases of severe paediatric influenza A infection
The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health in Hong Kong is investigating two cases of severe paediatric influenza A infection
Do Kids Need Vaccines after Kindergarten: Parents, Pre-teens and Teens, Listen Up
When children hit the preteen and teenage years, it’s time for parents to be informed which vaccines their children need to receive; flu shots should be given every year
CDC: Reported Flu Deaths in Children Surpass 100 for 2016-17, Help Keep Flu Out Of Schools!
A total of 101 flu-associated deaths in children occurring during the 2016-17 season have now been reported to CDC; in past seasons, between 80% and 85% of flu-associated paediatric deaths have occurred in children who had not been immunised
UNICEF – 1-in-10 children received no vaccination in 2016
Nearly one in 10 infants received no vaccinations in 2016, meaning that they missed the first inoculation against three lethal diseases, the World Health Organization has said
1 in 10 Infants Received No Vaccinations Last Year
Argentine specialists want two doses of anti-flu vaccine given to babies
In Argentina, specialists are reminding parents that in order to protect babies from the flu, they must receive two doses of the vaccine
Swine flu: Are you at risk?
Children younger than 5 years of age, particularly those younger than 2 years have a higher chance of suffering from swine flu if any cases are reported in the community
Hospital presentations skyrocket as flu season strikes
Central Coast Local Health District emergency services director Dr Kate Porges said the flu season started earlier this year: “We will continue to monitor the situation and highly encourage the community to get vaccinated, especially if they are in a high-risk group such as pregnant women and people aged 65 and over”
BMC slammed for not giving out masks
In the wake of five people succumbing to swine flu in Mumbai this month, the BMC was criticised for not distributing masks among the public, as while it’s essential to identify symptoms of the disease and treat them, precaution should also be taken to prevent an epidemic
CDC warns flu outbreak still at peak in Taiwan
The Centers for Disease Control said that the influenza outbreak in Taiwan remains at its peak, reminding people of the seriousness of the situation and ongoing reports of severe cases and even fatalities
CDC: 2016-17 Flu Season Was Moderate
Influenza activity during the 2016-17 flu season was moderate, according to a CDC report. Influenza A(H3N2) viruses were predominant; however, influenza B viruses peaked during the later part of the season, which lasted from Oct. 2, 2016–May 20, 2017
WHO Influenza Watchdog Network Meeting In Geneva, Setting 5-Year Plan
In Geneva, the WHO Influenza Watchdog Network is discussing a 5 year plan
TN Health Department says Vaccines are Not Just for Kids
Doctors with the Tennessee Department of Health encourage people of all ages to talk with their healthcare providers about the immunizations needed for lifelong protection, including annual flu shots
Disease outbreak sweeps Coast, doctors in high demand
The flu season has arrived early in Australia and is lasting even longer according to House Call Doctor medical director Jesus Lopez, who said that “influenza-like illnesses have presented later and we are seeing prolonged symptoms," "We`re also finding a greater number of cases have been complicated by lower respiratory infections"
Anti-flu vaccination campaign
In Argentina, local health authorities are reminding at risk citizens that they should get immunised against the flu as the vaccination campaign is ongoing, and the shots are safe
Gustavo Martínez en la jornada de vacunación antigripal: “Gestionar acciones que beneficien a los vecinos”
Health experts reaffirm that flu vaccinations are reliable and safe
Doctor`s Diary: We should not be forced into vaccinating our children
Dr Michael Fitzpatrick writes that politics rather than public health considerations are driving the call for making vaccines compulsory in the UK and other nations
Mumbai: Private hospitals not following guidelines for treating swine flu
After a surge of swine flu deaths and infections in the first half of 2017 in Mumbai, a senior health official said that private hospitals are not following appropriate protocol for treating patients showing H1N1 symptoms
Many parents in rich southern Germany are against vaccination
A study found that many parents in the prosperous southern Bavarian region of Germany have become suspicious of the value and safety of vaccines
With five deaths and 250 cases, Swine flu spreads its tentacles fast in city
According to the statistics provided by the BMC`s public health department, in July, Mumbai has recorded a total of 250 swine flu cases in civic-run government hospitals and five deaths
Deaths from swine flu doubled this year, minister tells Parliament
Deaths from swine flu have doubled since last year with Maharashtra accounting for almost 50% of the 600 deaths in 2017 so far, health minister JP Nadda informed Parliament. So far, 12,460 swine-flu cases have been registered from across the country this year as compared to 1,786 cases reported last year
600 deaths due to swine flu so far this year: govt
Swine Flu - Department takes preventative measures
A day after it was found that patients who were down with swine flu had a travel history, the UT Heath Department has started taking preventive measures and advising people to rush to hospital in case of swine flu-like symptoms