"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 3rd Jul 2017

Want half the world’s virus covered? We’ve got the perfect answer!
The press takes a look at the stand out Sanofi Pasteur vaccine manufacturing plant at Val de Reuil in France which produces vaccines against influenza and most of the world’s major diseases
New Flu Vaccines Help Better Treat Influenza
An in-depth feature on the large GlaxoSmithKline vaccine manufacturing plant in Belgium at a huge site just on the outskirts of Wavre, one supposedly visible from the orbiting space station
Sinovac to go private as bribery concerns hint at investor class-action lawsuits
Sinovac Biotech’s ‘take-private mess’ as a buyers’ group challenges the amalgamation agreement it has just signed, offering a higher bid and accusing board of secrecy
Studying ways to develop a universal flu vaccines to protect us all
Business Insider discusses how researchers in organizations like Sanofi Pasteur are overcoming obstacles to find answers to the need for a universal influenza vaccine
How birds become immune to influenza decoded
Scientists discovered that an influenza infection in birds offers good protection against other subtypes of the virus, just like a natural vaccination, a finding which could unlock new influenza protection opportunities
Bats have potential to host avian and human influenza viruses, study shows
A study discovered that bats have the receptors in their respiratory and digestive tracts that are able to support binding of avian and human influenza viruses. Having both receptors is believed to create conditions that enable the virus to mutate and create a new strain
CDC – 101 influenza deaths in children reported for 2016-17 period
The number of flu deaths in children exceeded 100 for the first time since the 2014-15, with 101 influenza-associated deaths in the 2016-17 U.S. flu season
200 renowned doctors take a stand in support of compulsory vaccination
Two hundred renowned French health experts, doctors and health sector leader launch a public call for vaccinations for infants to be expanded and made compulsory
Des médecins lancent un appel pour la vaccination obligatoire
Influenza in children
Indian specialist discusses influenza and its effect on children and offers some advice on how best to manage the symptoms
Older adults receiving recombinant influenza vaccine better protected against influenza
Older adults experienced fewer cases of PCR influenza-like illness than patients receiving an inactivated influenza vaccine. Recombinant vaccine efficacy was better against the Type A strain for the 2014-15 season, efficacy against Type B was similar for both vaccines
Flu vaccine effectiveness study in kids finds modest, consistent benefit
Louisiana State University published a study which showed modest but consistent flu vaccine effectiveness. Injectable vaccines effectiveness remained consistent, LAIV effectiveness was poor against Type A, but improved slowly across the study, it did better against Type B and in elderly
Painless flu patch for those who don’t like needles
A team of researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University published a study in the Lancet detailing the results of the first clinical trial of their flu patch jab
These Painless Microneedle Patches Could Deliver Your Next Flu Shot
Tendenze scientifiche: Un vaccino antinfluenzale indolore e senza iniezioni
Flu shots could soon be a thing of the past, introducing vaccine patches
No more flu shots? These painless disposable patches may soon replace needles
AAFP Foundation launches highlight on VACCINATION 4 TEENS
With support from Sanofi Pasteur, 15 U.S. AAFP chapters will received a $5,000 grant to bring the programme to members and boost vaccination rates in their states
How about altering the school calendar year as a measure to combat Type A?
Provincial governor said modifying school timetables was not practical for an outbreak of H1N1 influenza, preferring improved hygiene practices, vaccination and stronger public awareness
Campanha de vacinação contra influenza é prorrogada em Taubaté
The public influenza vaccination campaign in Taubate has been extended until July 7th
Municipal health secretary opens flu vaccination to beyond high risk groups
Municipal health secretary opens flu vaccination to beyond high risk groups – the vaccination programme will be open to the wider public in Iguacu until the stocks go
Vacinação contra a gripe não atinge meta em Campo Grande
Despite 94.4% of the 217,520 state vaccinations given to high risk groups, health experts acknowledged that they fell short in reaching pregnant women with a far lower 50.17% hit rate
Infecciones respiratorias: Casi 200 casos de Influenza en la Provincia – Recomiendan vacunarse
Brinkmann, in the state of Cordoba, Argentina, reports that health authorities are seeing a surge of up to 200 cases of poor respiratory influenza linked infection across the state and urge vaccination
Casos confirmados de gripe H3N2 se elevan de 13 hasta 117
Confirmed cases of H3N2 rise from 13 to 117 in El Salvador – the health ministry say it is not yet timely to classify this as an epidemic though they are not ruling this option out either
Ratifican control de influenza H3N2 en El Salvador
Health authorities in El Salvador affirmed they had H3N2 under control, despite a small spike in cases, and that it has not become an epidemic
Santo André prorroga vacinação contra gripe e amplia público-alvo
The vaccination campaign against influenza in San Andre has been extended to July 7th and will now also include people between 50-54, drivers, collectors, road transport workers and taxi drivers
Deces d’un nourrison: la vaccination suspendue au CSB2 d’Analamahitsy
One month and three week old baby died, shortly after being routinely vaccinated in Madagascar, the Ministry of Health is currently investigating the cause, though the vaccination looks unlikely
The Health of the Nation – Special Public Health Watch Report
The Secretary of Health and Human Services presented the 40th annual report on the health of the nation to the President and the U.S. Congress- listing healthcare trends
Vacunación contra influenza intenta llegar a más personas obesas
Costa Rican authorities are targeting the obese as a key high risk group in the next flu vaccination campaign
How severe was the 2016-17 flu season? 7 key points – CDC’s June 30 Morbidity Weekly Report
Hospitalization rates for all age groups was 65 per 100,000 people. People over 65 were hardest hit with 60% of the instances. H3N2 was the dominant strain similar to the 2014-15 season
Swine flu, chikungunya add to the horror in the city
Chandigarh medical authorities confirmed that diarrhoea, chikungunya and now H1N1 swine flu are active in the city at the same time, one district epidemiologist said ‘it was very worrisome’
Two more cases of swine flu in Lucknow, 10 affected until now
Two cases of positive swine flu were reported from the city on Saturday. A 45-year-old woman from LDA Colony, Kanpur road and a 35-year-old male from Sadar, Cantt became the latest victim taking the tally of swine flu cases to 10 in the city. There has been one death due to swine flu in the city in the month of May.
Gender twist to H1N1 victims in State
According to the data provided by the State public health department, of the 262 fatalities recorded this year, 138 were women
Six more H7N9 avian flu cases reported in China
China reported six more human H7N9 avian flu infections this week, down from 10 reported last week, but showing further signs of ongoing virus circulation during the summer months
Infection humaine par le virus de la grippe aviaire A(H7N9) – Chine
Himachal doctor dies of swine flu
A senior doctor with the Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) has died of swine flu. The death toll is now 3 including a Maha tourist at IGMC and as many as 14 tested positive for swine flu.