"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 4th Jul 2017

Michigan strain here: Lab confirms H1N1 mutation
The Michigan strain of swine flu which is circulating globally has made its way to Telangana, India, replacing the California strain, which weakened significantly in 2016
Michigan strain of H1N1 arrives, but state’s vaccine armoury empty
Hyderabad have tested positive for the Michigan strain, the state health authorities do not have a single vial of the new vaccine required to fight the mutated virus
Swine flu drugs available at all chemists after India eases restrictions on sale
In India, the health ministry has eased norms on the sale of oseltamivir and zanamivir, used to treat H1N1, to make them more widely available
GPs and pharmacists to collaborate to boost flu vaccine uptake
GP and pharmacist representatives have signed an agreement to collaborate to increase the take-up of the flu vaccine in Wales
How to study the future evolution of the influenza virus
Researchers at the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre and Seattle Research institute have been genetically analysing old influenza virus DNA looking for future clues
How flu changes within human body may hint at evolution of global trends
U.S. researchers carried out a study that showed that flu evolution in individual people shows striking similarities to evolution around the globe
Bicton: Curtin Uni researcher wins award for vaccination study
A study of 60,000 pregnancies by Curtin University researcher Annette Regan found that pregnant women vaccinated against seasonal influenza reduced their risk of stillbirth by 51 per cent
Make 11 vaccines compulsory – the call from 200 doctors
In France, 200 doctors have signed a petition launched in Le Parisien, supporting the health minister’s project to make 11 vaccinations compulsory
Oui aux onze vaccins obligatoires
More than 200 renowned doctors have signed a petition to back the new Minister of Health who is planning to make more than eight vaccinations compulsory in children
Group launches vaccination program for children of Benguet coffee farmers
Three and four year olds from day-care centres in Barangay Pico had flu shots under a vaccination program called “Beans for Little Ones”, an initiative by Foundation for Sustainable Coffee
Elderly people are more vulnerable to influenza and we need to redouble care and prevention
Elderly people are more susceptible to influenza and better prevention is needed as the over 60s form the vast majority of confirmed cases of influenza in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Do healthy older adults need regular health care visits?
Specific tests or immunizations for older adults depend on their medical history, but some are appropriate for most seniors, such as a yearly flu shot for adults older than 65
Cold snap health warning
South Australia`s Health Chief Medical Officer Paddy Phillips said with cold temperatures forecast across the state, "the very old and very young, and those who are frail, are at particular risk of hypothermia, pneumonia, the worsening of chronic disease and flu”
Flu – First clinical trial results from a vaccine delivered by patch
U.S. researchers are trialling a vaccine patch for flu that might help reach more people who tend to avoid injections
This Pain-Free Microneedle Patch Could One Day Replace Flu Shots
Pregnant women urged to get free flu vaccine
In New Zealand, pregnant women are being urged to get their free flu vaccination as the winter weather begins to bite. Around one in four New Zealanders are infected with flu each year
Vaccination programme open to the population but priority groups must be immunized now
Flu vaccine authorised for general population of João Pessoa, Brazil, but anyone from a priority group who hasn’t been immunised yet needs to be as soon as possible
Vaccination programme open to the population but priority groups must be immunized now
Influenza activity in U.S. during 2016-17 season and composition of the 2017-18 influenza vaccine
Based on specimen testing at both clinical and public health laboratories, CDC has classified the latest influenza season as moderate in severity
France confirms case of bird flu
French agriculture ministry says a case of highly contagious H5N8 strain of bird flu has been confirmed on a farm in northern France and it has put in place measures to contain the outbreak
Entire families being laid low by H1N1: Doctors
With the H1N1 virus gaining virulence in India after the onset of monsoon, there is a sharp increase in entire families being affected by the virus
Mizoram’s Champai town struck by Swine Flu
Swine flu has struck Champai town on the Indo-Myanmar border and has claimed the lives of a number of pigs and piglets in the last month
I didn’t know if I would wake up alive the next morning: Marion Bartoli on battle against H1N1
French tennis champion Marion Bartoli explains her long battle against H1N1 for which she was hospitalised for four months
I had no idea if I would wake up alive the next morning: Marion Bartoli on battle against H1N1
Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli said her 2013 win saved her life, after she was hospitalised with exhaustion
Now Shigella threat grips Malappuram
The Indian health authorities are battling dengue, diphtheria and H1N1, and now shigella bacterial infection has caused the death of a three-year-old boy
2 more die of fever as toll reaches 124
Thiruvananthapuram has seen 124 fever deaths since June. The capital leads the state in this grim statistic accounting for 1,948 fever cases out of the 10,585 across Kerala
Flu: more H1N1 and H3N2 cases are being registered
In Mauritius, more H1N1 and H3N2 infections are being recorded, but the health ministry states they are less severe than previous cases
Seasonal ailments start to rise
The number of patients with fever, symptoms of malaria and diphtheria has started to rise in Hyderabad, and health professionals are urging people to visit AYUSH clinics (which also provide swine flu treatment) and try out traditional medicine