"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 5th Jul 2017

No vaccine shield against the Michigan strain
Though two cases of swine flu in Hyderabad have already tested positive for the Michigan strain of the virus, the state health authorities do not have a single vial of the new vaccine required to fight it
Togo reports H5N1 bird flu in southern part of the country: OIE
Togo reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu at a poultry farm in the southern part of the country, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said
The territory is recording a higher level of flu cases than it did last year
In Macau, by June week 3, hospitals recorded more cases of influenza, with 45 people out of every 1,000 patients visiting Emergency Services diagnosed with the virus, higher than last year
Anti-vaxxers behind North Coast flu crisis: MP
A flu epidemic sweeping NSW state has put unnecessary pressure on local health services, says the NSW Opposition health spokesman, who attributed North Coast higher rates to people reluctant to get vaccinations
Now is the time to get vaccinated as rates of influenza are on the rise.
State needs to be proactive in fighting swine flu
Maharashtra state wants doctors and patients to take oseltamivir for symptoms like fever, cough and breathing difficulties. This comes months after cities reported many swine flu cases and deaths
Birds naturally vaccinated against influenza
Mallards often carry low pathogenic influenza A virus; a study shows that if they contract the flu, it serves as a relatively good protection against other types of influenza viruses
Yarraman, a virus spreading at the speed of a galloping horse
Researchers have found the public is more receptive to communication about a virus and vaccination if the virus bears a scientific or an ‘exotic’ name, rather than a mundane one
Small children – new vaccines to be compulsory in 2018
French Prime Minister announced new vaccines will be made compulsory for young children in 2018, as the French are becoming less inclined to use vaccines (particularly flu vaccines)
Health department in Honduras will offer 200,000 more flu vaccine shots
Honduran Health department wants to reach pregnant women, children and the elderly who were not vaccinated against the flu in May
Keep disease at bay this Monsoon
The arrival of the monsoon in Delhi is the time when there is maximum spurt in bacterial and viral infections, and doctors say the elderly and those with weaker immunity should be administered with preventive flu vaccine
Self-administered microneedle patch could replace flu jab and boost uptake, finds study
A patch delivering flu vaccine via microneedles is as immunogenic as an intramuscular injection and may improve vaccination uptake rates, says a new study
Grippe. Bientôt un vaccin sans seringue grâce au patch ?
¿Te animás a un parche para protegerte contra la gripe?
New Bandage-Like Microneedle Patches can Replace the Painful Flu Shots
New Flu Vaccine Patch Proving as Effective as Standard Injection
28 cases of Influenza A in Misiones, Argentina
In the first half of 2017, 8 people died from the flu in Argentina, and there is low infection rate by H1N1, but there are growing numbers of Influenza A infections
Lag in initiation of H1N1 treatment: civic body
Despite the circulation of the H1N1 virus in Mumbai, there is a time lag of 4-5 days before the onset of symptoms and start of treatment by doctors. Experts recommend that an antiviral is administered within the first 48 hours
DOH rainy season advisory: Don’t go ‘WILD’
In the Philippines, the Department of Health appealed to the public to be ready for illnesses associated with the rainy season by taking precautions against waterborne diseases, influenza, leptospirosis and dengue
Flu outbreaks likely to have peaked in Taiwan: CDC
The Center for Disease Control said it believes the spate of influenza outbreaks around Taiwan have reached their peak point and expects the trend to slow down this month
Flu season declared in Hawke`s Bay
In New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay health officials are warning of a rise in influenza-like-illness across the region and are advising people to protect themselves by having an influenza immunisation
Standerton farm under quarantine after Avian Influenza outbreak
In Villiers, South Africa, the MD for Agriculture at Astral said that strict biosecurity protocols are in place to prevent further farms from being infected by avian flu detected there last week
Avian flu surges back in France’s Department du Nord
H5N8 avian flu has returned to northern France and protection and surveillance measures have been put in place immediately according to the French Agriculture Ministry
Catanduva records its first death from Influenza B this year
Catanduva, Brazil, recorded the first death due to influenza B this year. This is the second death caused by the influenza virus in the city, the first one being through influenza A H1N1
Making plans to deal with avian flu
In Nicaragua, health authorities and the poultry industry have rehearsed an emergency scenario relating to avian flu strains and biosecurity
Sullia: Swine flu claims life from Balpa village
In India, Sullia District health officer has advised people suffering from throat pain, fever and cold, to immediately visit primary health centres and get themselves examined, as a man died of swine flu
Why some essential medicines are unavailable in Canada
Health Canada has announced new regulations in response to the opioid crisis by making it easier to access treatments not yet authorized for sale in Canada but available in the USA, the EU or Switzerland. These changes would also apply in a flu pandemic
Eight people die of the flu, none of them had been vaccinated
In Paraguay, 8 people, including very young children and old people, have died of the flu, none of them having been vaccinated, despite the 1,200,000 doses of trivalent vaccine bought by the government, of which 70,000 remain