"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 6th Jul 2017

Flu patients in Naga region need healthcare services
Flu patients from various villages near the foot of Mount Saramati, Myanmar, where there is an ongoing flu outbreak, are still waiting for healthcare services to reach them
WHO proposes to change the composition of influenza vaccines
WHO recommends changing the composition of influenza vaccines for the Northern hemisphere due to an antigenic mismatch of vaccines and the viruses that cause any potential epidemic
SA’s workforce hit hard by colds, flu
Almost 40 per cent of South Africa’s workforce might report off sick due to colds and flu this winter, according to a study commissioned by Pharma Dynamics
Flu season is normal but record spike in cases due to better tests, says NSW Health
NSW faces an early flu season, with record numbers of cases already diagnosed weeks before the usual peak, but reports that it is set to be the worst season ever are overblown, NSW Health says
Mumbai: 77% of H1N1 admissions in 2015 were in private hospitals
Three quarters of hospital admissions for H1N1 in Mumbai in 2015 were in the private sector, raising questions on whether the private sector indulged in profiteering at times of distress
Bolivian health ministry reports there are far more H3N2 cases than it had expected
Bolivian Health Ministry reported 2.695 cases of suspected flu, of which 660 were confirmed to be H3N2; 61, H1N1 and 129 of Type B
BMC: Swine Flu Deaths Due To Delay In Medication
Bombay`s Municipal Corporation has found that the time between onset of swine-flu symptoms and beginning of Oseltamivir is around four to five days, instead of the recommended two
Interview - Johnson & Johnson Breathes New Life Into Infectious Diseases
J&J`s main focus with its flu project is on hospitalized patients who currently do not have any treatment options
Dual-linker gold nanoparticles as adjuvanting carriers for multivalent display of recombinant influenza hemagglutinin trimers, and flagellin, improve the immunological responses in vivo and in vitro
A study suggests says dual-conjugated AuNPs are effective at simultaneously displaying antigens and adjuvants in an oriented, multivalent format and can promote a strong immune response by activating DCs and T cells
Personalized Cancer Vaccines Look Promising in Two New Studies
Vaccines shaped to the genetic makeup of an individuals’ tumour seem to work in a handful of patients in trials
New cancer treatments that are programmed to treat a person`s specific tumor just passed 2 early tests
Three Mutations Could Help Bird Flu Spread Among Humans
Scientists have identified 3 mutations that, if they occurred at the same time, could allow the avian influenza strain H7N9 to spread among humans
France Is Making Vaccinations For 11 Diseases Compulsory From Next Year
France is making 11 vaccinations compulsory for children, including influenza, from 2018
France makes measles vaccination mandatory for children
Compulsory vaccinations for school children set to fall from 12 to 10 years old
In Italy, compulsory vaccines for schoolchildren could fall from 12 to 10, with some becoming optional, as the ISS supports the amendment
Vaccini, perché ridurre il numero di quelli obbligatori?
Vaccini, resta l`obbligo per 10 su 12. Ok dall`Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Vaccini, verso la riduzione da 12 a 10 degli obbligatori per la scuola
Scuola, vaccini obbligatori scendono a 10 e sanzioni più lievi
Quadrivalent Flublok influenza vaccine shows more success in adults over 50 and the elderly
Quadrivalent Flublok vaccine has been shown to be most effective in the over 50s, according to a study
La vacuna recombinante contra Influenza Flublok® Tetravalente demuestra mayor eficacia en adultos de 50 años y mayores
INFLUENZA: Could bats be a brewing ground for new strains of the flu?
Some researchers at Penn State University are trying to find out whether bats could be a brewing ground for new strains of the flu
Pain free microneedle could help boost flu vaccination rates
Scientists have devised a flu patch that could be the answer to people refusing to get a flu injection because of the pain
A new vaccine patch is changing medicine
Palermo vaccination centres too dilapidated to be used – also facing a shortage of skilled staff
Palermo vaccination centers too dilapidated to be used, with perennial shortage of medical and nursing staff
Early flu outbreak could signal the worst season on record
The worst flu season in recent memory has arrived early in Australia after a record number of influenza cases were diagnosed across the country
Flu season is smashing the north coast
NSW Shadow Health Minister has called for a campaign to combat the anti-vaxxer movement on the North Coast following the release of figures showing the region is being ‘smashed’ by influenza
A second person has succumbed to Influenza Type A H3N2
In Honduras, a second person has died of influenza virus A(H3N2), having thought she only had a common cold
Swine flu: After two fresh cases, IGMC Shimla staff concerned for safety
Two more people have tested positive for swine flu in Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC); patients have been kept in isolated wards and treatment for swine flu has been started
Government to expand flu vaccines to elementary students starting 2018
The Korean government plans to make flu jabs available at no charge to roughly 2.7m elementary students in October and November before the start of winter and the flu season
Australian flu season hits early
Flu season has arrived early, with doctors in the Hunter New England Health region reporting 4 times the number of influenza cases in June compared to the same time last year
Flu season begins in Hunter New England Health region.
Sixteen H1N1 deaths confirmed in Mumbai this year
Until June 15, Mumbai had recorded 16 deaths from H1N1, and at least 15 of the deaths were caused solely by the infectious disease
OIE Reports H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak in Togo
The Togolese veterinary authorities have reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) at an intensive layer farm in Maritime Region
DOH notes decrease in dengue cases
In the Philippines, dengue infections have fallen, and people are advised to take flu shots yearly before the rainy season in order for them to build resistance against influenza virus
Taiwan’s Taichung City reports this year’s first avian flu outbreak
The first case of avian influenza outbreak this year has been reported at a chicken farm in Taichung’s Da-an District, Taiwan
DK records 1st H1N1 death; Udupi 5 since Jan
Mangaluru - July has recorded the first H1N1 death in the district this year
Zimbabwe on wild goose chase for source of bird flu
Last month`s outbreak of bird flu in Zimbabwe was likely triggered by domestic chickens or ducks, not wild or migratory water birds, a leading ornithologist says
Experts say bird flu not a threat to humans
The SA Poultry Association warns all types of chicken are at risk of contracting bird flu. Association CEO Kevin Lovell said ‘ban had nothing to do with preventing illness in humans’
An outbreak of H5N8 infection in poultry has happened in Belgium, safety measures taken
Another case of H5N8 infection in poultry was discovered in Belgium and immediate safety measures have been taken
Grippe aviaire : nouvelle contamination dans un élevage amateur à Bassenge Mesures à Bassenge, Oupeye, Visé et Riemst
Special measures following bird flu outbreak lifted in Luxembourg
Luxembourg lifts special measures following its recent bird flu outbreak
Grippe aviaire - levée des mesures