"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 7th Jul 2017

Health agency: Flu lingering in Arizona longer than usual
Arizona health officials say the flu is lingering in the state longer than usual, with nearly 1,300 laboratory-confirmed cases in June, compared with 200 typically
India declares itself free from Bird Flu
India has declared itself free from bird flu (H5N1 and H5N8) and notified it to the World Organisation for Animal Health
Shareholders Take Chinese Biotech Giant to Court
With the SEC probing bribes that the former head of Sinovac Biotech paid drug regulators in China, investors hit the Beijing company with a federal class action
Glancy Prongay & Murray Announces the Filing of a Securities Class Action on Behalf of Sinovac Biotech Ltd. Investors and Encourages Investors to Contact the Firm
Antiviral to treat H1N1 no longer controlled
In India, the Union health ministry has taken oseltamivir off the schedule X list, making it widely available to treat H1N1 infections
DNA-based strategy protects against multiple flu strains in study
Researchers at the Wistar Institute, in collaboration with MedImmune and Inovio, developed a novel, synthetic, DNA-based strategy to protect against an array of flu viruses in preclinical models
New DNA-based strategy shows promise against a range of influenza viruses
Scientists develop novel DNA-based strategy to protect against broad array of influenza viruses
Inovio`s Monoclonal Antibody Platform Achieves Proof-of-Principle Validation
Inovio announced a DNA-based monoclonal antibody product for flu producing broadly cross-reactive antibodies, which provide complete protection from a lethal challenge, with multiple viruses from both influenza A and B types in a preclinical study
Inovio’s DNA-based Monoclonal Antibody Platform Achieves Further Proof-of-Principle Validation
New technique can help predict and combat potential pandemic virus
Allergy Therapeutics has published data from two preclinical studies analysing its immuno-therapy platform as a potential vaccine against malaria and the flu
New method helps fighting future pandemics
New flu vaccine patch contains dissolving needles
Scientists have developed an influenza patch which has been successful in its first human clinical trial
Drug weapons: Computer designed proteins prepare to battle the next pandemic
Scientists at the University of Washington have demonstrated a new way to shut down the flu, using computer modelling to build a new kind of antiviral protein with three sticky hands
Avian, human influenza may infect bats
Researchers are studying whether bats can be co-infected with avian and human influenza viruses, and have the potential to contribute to the emergence of new pandemic influenza strains
France will make Vaccinations For 11 Diseases Compulsory From Next Year
France is making 11 vaccinations compulsory from next year, including influenza
No vaccines, no public school: is it time for Canada to emulate France?
No vaccines are mandatory anywhere in Canada, though the issue comes up regularly. The Ontario government passed a bill requiring abstaining parents to undergo education on immunization
School and the compulsory vaccinations, vaccines will be widely available in pharmacies
A number of vaccines will be compulsory for Italian children and pharmacies will be allowed to administer them, according to a Senate amendment
Last Year`s Flu Vaccine Failed to Protect Elderly Patients
According to a report from U.S health officials, elderly citizens suffered the most hospitalizations and deaths during the most recent flu season
Compulsory vaccines: Requirement extended to health workers
The President of Friuli Venezia Giulia proposed extending the mandatory vaccines to health workers in hospitals
Vaccini:ridotto obbligo da 12 a 10. Presentato emendamento che prevede vaccinazione anche per i docenti
Open for comments – Italian regions submit views on draft compulsory vaccinations law
Italian regions submit comments on the amendments to the compulsory vaccination law during a conference in Rome
Decreto vaccini. Approvato emendamento su 10 obbligatori e 4 “consigliati”. Tetto massimo sanzioni scende a 3500 euro. Via riferimento a patria potestà. Vaccinazioni anche in farmacia
CDC: Flu shot was only 42 percent effective this season, but still worth getting
New analysis puts the flu vaccine’s effectiveness at 19% for people ages 18 to 49, 25% for people ages 65 or older, and 61% for children aged 6 months to 8 years
Peak flu season arrives and cases reported are double 2016 statistics
South West Sydney Local Health District flu cases for January to May were double last year’s statistics and in the last week of June there were 50 cases reported, a spike of 12 from the average over the three weeks prior
One more swine flu positive in the city
For the second consecutive day, a swine flu case was reported in Lucknow, India, taking the tally of people affected with influenza A H1N1 to 12
Health department review leads to 14 more Oklahoma flu-related deaths
The Oklahoma Department of Health has revised its flu deaths numbers for the current 2016-17 season, adding 14 new deaths across the state
Reminder to get your jab ahead of 2017 flu season in Tasmania
Tasmanian Health authorities say now is a good time to get your annual flu jab as flu immunity is only short lived and the mix of viruses change each year
ED overflowing as flu season hits, hospital at capacity
In New Zealand, Hawke`s Bay health officials are warning of a rise in influenza-like illness that`s putting pressure on the hospital`s Emergency Department, and asking people to see their GPs
Meet the real culprits responsible for your nasty cold or flu symptoms
Colds and flu are caused by viruses, but their symptoms are actually caused by a handful of chemicals in our own immune systems
Flu season yet to peak
Southern NSW Local Health District is encouraging everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated against the flu yet to do so
Pharmaceutical society warns about ‘flu cocktails’
Large pharmacy groups have taken pre-packaged “flu cocktail” medicine combinations off their shelves, following a warning by the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa that dispensing these without interaction with a patient is illegal
Males more prone to swine flu, says civic health department
With an increase in the number of swine flu cases in Mumbai, it has been found that 56 per cent of the infected patients are male, aged between 15 and 44
Minor scare at GMC as 1 tests positive for swine flu
The staff at Goa Medical College and Hospital was concerned as two patients were admitted with swine flu symptoms, but so far only one has actually tested positive for the virus
Only one case of Swine Flu at Mater Dei Hospital this year
In Malta, there has only been one patient diagnosed with AH1N1 at Mater Dei Hospital, according to Health Minister Chris Fearne
State well-equipped to handle swine flu: Rane
In Goa, the Health Minister has said the state is well-equipped to handle H1N1 cases and that all health centres are prepared to respond to any outbreak