"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 11th Jul 2017

The Pentagon ponders the threat of synthetic bioweapons
Pentagon planners are starting to wonder what happens if the next deadly flu bug or hemorrhagic fever is man-made; with tools like Crispr-Cas9, state enemies could create unique organisms by mixing-and-matching bits of genetic information
Decisive action needed to contain bird flu outbreak
The recent cases of bird flu are a first for the South African poultry industry and consumers are concerned, but this strain does not affect human beings
Washington Post: World Bank program will speed response to pandemics
The World Bank is creating a trust fund, the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, that can be quickly deployed for pandemic response
Plasmid mAb Tech Protects against Multiple Influenza Strains
Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ synthetic plasmid DNA-based dMAb monoclonal antibody (mAb) technology provided mice with complete protection from lethal challenge with multiple influenza A and B virus strains
Japan to help emerging nations develop health care systems
Japan will team with global organizations to set up health care and insurance systems resembling its own in emerging nations, assisting with collection of key health data, creation of medication transport networks and administrative support. Collaboration with World Bank, WHO will establish Tokyo as leader in field
Georgia health commissioner named CDC director in Atlanta
Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, Georgia’s health commissioner, was named to lead the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Newly identified protein structure could pave the way for RSV vaccines, drugs
Researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital discovered that a cancer drug prevents the flu virus from replicating by targeting its effects on cell metabolism
Cold viruses are active year-long, says study
Researchers have found that you`re just as likely to catch a cold in the summer as in the winter; recent influenza strains combined with summer travel has even influenza occasionally popping up in the summer
You are just as likely to catch a cold both in summer as in winter!
Over 4,700 children under 9 years of age must get a second dose of flu vaccine according to health authorities
More than 4,700 children, older than 6 months and under 9 years of age, must receive the second dose of the flu vaccine in Campo Grande, Brazil, as per the Ministry of Health’s recommendation
Improved Vaccination Rates Would Fall Victim to Senate Health Cuts
Passage of the Senate’s health care bill would eliminate cash that pays for vaccines to protect the most vulnerable from diseases like mumps, measles or the flu
Not too late to get flu jab as dreaded lurgy hits Coast
In Australia, Central Coast Local Area Health has already recorded 88 flu cases last month compared to 16 in June, 2016, but experts say people should still get vaccinated even if they are already showing symptoms
Dr. Kevin Most: Vaccines
Dr Most explains why vaccines are important and why people should receive a flu shot, especially the very young and the elderly
From the flu jab to the pill – why microneedle patches are the future of medicine
As well as being as effective a way to generate immunity as an injection, the flu patch is also cheaper, and could eventually be picked up at the chemist or even posted to your home
Australian GPs Prescribe Antibiotics At Up To Nine Times Recommended Rates
Australian GPs are prescribing antibiotics at up to nine times the recommended rates; eleven percent of patients with influenza were given antibiotics, despite the guidelines recommending against it
A short history of vaccine objection, vaccine cults and conspiracy theories
There`s a long history of opposition to childhood vaccination, from when it was introduced in England in 1796. And many of the themes played out more than 200 years ago still resonate today
Seasonal influenza or feeling fluey – what is the difference?
Recap of the main differences between seasonal influenza virus and feeling fluey due to a combination of other causes
Influenza, herpes zoster, hepatitis A, and more focus of ACIP’s June meeting
ACIP reported that the 2016–17 influenza season was a typical moderate season, but activity peaked a little later than in the previous four seasons
Swine flu positive from Gorakhpur admitted to hospital in Lucknow
A case of positive swine flu was identified in Lucknow; a 41-year-old male is currently undergoing treatment
Santa Catarina hits the level of 89% vaccination coverage across its most at risk target flu groups
In Santa Catarina, Brazil, the vaccination campaign reached 89.34% coverage of its target priority groups, close to the 90% goal of the target population, set by the Ministry of Health
Choluteca: an 11 months old baby died of H3N2 influenza
An 11 months old baby has died of A(H3N2) influenza in Choluteca, Honduras
In Honduras the seasonal free flu vaccination campaign has been extended to the 31st July
In Honduras, seasonal flu vaccination campaign coverage has been extended to July 31st, for free
Chubut has vaccinated more than 67,000 people against influenza
Chubut (Argentina) Health Ministry stated that more than 67,000 people from the priority groups have been vaccinated against the flu
The spectre of avian influenza starts to recede in the poultry sector
No infection recorded for H5N8 in birds after two exclusion zones were put in place in Northern France
Italian schoolteachers react to the prospect of vaccinations being made compulsory for them in schools
In Italy, teachers react to the possibility of vaccinations being made compulsory for them in schools, according to an amendment proposed by Maria Mussini