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Savvy Senior: Flu shots for older adults
There are two different flu shots —Fluzone High Dose and FLUAD — that are designed specifically for people age 65 and older. FLUAD contains an added ingredient called adjuvant MF59 that helps create a stronger immune response
Free $10 gift card with flu shot at Publix Pharmacy
Publix Pharmacy is offering a standard Influenza Trivalent vaccination recommended for everyone 6 months of age or older; Influenza Flucelvax, for those 18 years of age or older and Influenza high-dose for those 65 years of age or older; people receiving the flu shot will be entitled to a free $10 gift card
Pandemic Influenza News
Consultation On Future Of WHO Pandemic Flu Programme To Look At Seasonal Viruses, Genetic Information
The WHO mechanism to prepare the world for the next influenza pandemic is pondering its future and possible improvements. Among them are its extension to seasonal influenza, and the inclusion of genetic virus information along with biological samples to keep pace with technological developments. There will be a consultation to discuss an analysis showing the potential beneficial or deleterious effects of the suggested changes to the system
World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come ‘sooner than we expect’
A pandemic simulation was held during the World Bank’s annual meeting in Washington this month. Although there is more awareness about the issue, experts agree that the world is not prepared for the next pandemic
Avian flu: Risk via wild birds rises to "medium"
The level of the UK's risk of avian influenza due to an incursion in wild birds has been raised from low to medium but the risk for poultry remains low for introduction of infection onto individual premises. As a consequence the government is recommending that levels of biosecurity should be increased
Avian flu vaccine to be discussed - DAFF
In South Africa, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) said that it was discussing a highly pathogenic avian influenza vaccination strategy with various stakeholders, including poultry farmers and vaccine manufacturers
Mammalian Pathogenesis and Transmission of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Viruses, Tennessee, USA, 2017
Infections with low pathogenicity and highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H7N9) viruses affected poultry in 4 states in the south eastern United States in 2017. A study evaluated pathogenicity and transmission of representative viruses in mouse and ferret models and examined replication kinetics in human respiratory tract cells. These viruses can cause respiratory infections in mammalian models
Indonesia Voices Concern Over Biological Warfare Threat
Health security is expected to increasingly become a global concern in the coming years and Indonesia is particularly worried about biological warfare, a senior member of the country's military said. This comes as a three-day international conference on health security, attended by representatives from 50 countries, began in Jakarta
Report details U.S., global steps to prevent next pandemic
A break in key U.S. support for global efforts to protect Americans and the world from pandemics could stall momentum that has been gaining steam in the wake of recent threats such as Ebola and Zika viruses, according to a new report from PATH
Industry News
U.S. vaccine panel to discuss waning effectiveness, new shots
The issue of waning vaccine protection is expected to be discussed when the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meets in Atlanta. The vaccine panel will hear an update about a nasal-spray version of flu vaccine that it stopped recommending after health officials said it wasn't working in U.S. kids
Astrazeneca and GlaxoSmithKline top UK R&D spenders
The pharmaceutical industry accounted for nearly half of research and development spending in the UK, with Astrazeneca and GlaxoSmithKline the two biggest spenders, according to a new study
GlaxoSmithKline earnings: Vaccine sales in focus
GlaxoSmithKline will report its third-quarter earnings Wednesday; vaccines sales may take a dent because of a tough comparison with last year, when Glaxo had a strong flu season
Vaccines may struggle as new flu strains emerge
In Ireland, the Health Service Executive is bracing itself for a winter flu crisis, following signals that existing vaccines may be unable to cope with new strains emerging in Australia and China
Shortage of swine flu vaccine in state: Official
A senior health official has alleged there is a shortage of swine flu vaccine in Maharashtra despite the government’s claims. On an average, 15-20 fresh positive cases of swine flu are being detected every day; every patient complaining of high-grade fever, cold, runny nose, and diarrhoea is meant to be given oseltamivir
Academic studies
Atlanta company working on painless flu shot alternative
For needle-phobic people, flu shot season is ripe with mental tennis matches centered around if it’s worse to get the vaccine or chance the sickness. Georgia Tech and Emory researchers may have found the cure to this seasonal internal struggle: a painless, self-administered microneedle patch
Pediatric influenza news
The Region of the Americas leads in the vaccination of pregnant women against influenza
The Region of the Americas is a leader in vaccinating pregnant women against influenza, a public health problem that for future mothers, newborns, and other high-risk populations can mean severe disease, complications, and hospitalization
NHS England urges all pregnant women in Bath to get their free flu jab
NHS doctors and midwives are calling on all pregnant women living in the Bath, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire area to take advantage of their free flu vaccine. Studies have shown the vaccine is safe to give at any stage of pregnancy
Over 65’s influenza news

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General Influenza News
Flu Injection - now is the best time to get it
German local health authorities are urging people to get vaccinated for the forthcoming seasonal influenza period. They are particularly concerned to get those most at risk vaccinated.
Union sues Essentia Health over required flu vaccines
The United Steelworkers union is suing Essentia Health for requiring all employees to get flu vaccines, alleging the company has threatened to fire workers who don't submit to the vaccinations by Nov. 10
Vaccinations against influenza in Sicily - the new guidelines
In Sicily, a new decree has been published in favour of the adjuvanted trivalent flu vaccine for older people and people with chronic illness or pregnant people as it offers the best protection, with a view to getting closer to the recommended 75% flu vaccine coverage
Fighting over patients is bad for GP–pharmacy relations
In the UK, there are reports that GPs have resorted to underhand tactics to try to encourage patients not to go to a pharmacist for their annual flu vaccination
Influenza: the Gemini Flu Vaccination Campaign seeks to get healthcare workers vaccinated
The article explains how the Gemini Flu Vaccination Campaign in Italy is seeking to work with the local community to get healthcare workers vaccinated against the flu
Influenza: Italians underestimate the complications and vaccinate less and less
Italian health institutes estimate that between 15,000 and 18,000 elderly people died last year due to flu complications. Only around 43% of Italians feel the flu complications pose a serious risk which could lead potentially to death according to surveys
Ministries launch large scale flu vaccination campaign to protect at risk groups and prevent virus spread
As part of the flu vaccination campaign orchestrated by the Ministry of Health, there will be a total of 1,090 people working in coordination with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (Imss) and the Institute of Social Security of State Workers (Issste ). One goal of this health program, 90 percent of the population in Sinaloa is expected to receive flu vaccine to help prevent the spread of this virus
Jeff Knox Jr. helps tackle tougher influenza bug
In Canada, backed by personal experience, Jeff Knox Jr. of the Saskatchewan Roughriders hopes to inspire everyone to get a flu shot to protect themselves and their loved ones
Importance of vaccination: Staying vigilant in flu fight
Despite all various incidents with the influenza virus, Asia has a long way go to in preparing for the next viral flu outbreak. When it does come, it will have the potential to affect masses of the region’s population. Vaccination remains the most effective measure, second only to water, but there are challenges administering vaccines
Experts warn that so-called ‘Aussie Flu’ could have ‘devastating’ effects when it hits Ireland
Experts have warned that the so-called ‘Aussie Flu’ could have “devastating” effects when it hits Ireland. The outbreak of the H3N2 strain of influenza has affected over 100,000 people in Australia – which is the worst on record in the country
Flu shots at the pharmacy: Easy for the patient, profitable for the retailer
In the U.S., the flu shot suddenly is the subject of an intense marketing blitz by retailers. With several billion dollars in insurance reimbursements potentially in play nationwide, shoppers can’t pass a Publix, CVS or Walgreen’s without being enticed to hand over an insurance card and roll up a sleeve
Flu Scan for Oct 24, 2017 - High-risk flu and antivirals
A US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–led study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases reveals that antiviral drugs are prescribed to only 15% of outpatients who have acute respiratory infections (ARIs) and a high risk for influenza
People again urged to get flu shot
In Taiwan, while temperatures are dropping, those who are eligible for the government-funded flu vaccination should have it done as soon as possible, the CDC said, adding that as of Sunday last week, more than half of the government-funded vaccines had been administered
Adults here not keen on getting vaccinated
Adult vaccination rates in Singapore are dismal and doctors say this is largely because people still believe that they are only needed by children or those going overseas. The Health Ministry has drawn up a list of seven vaccines that most Singaporeans should take at some point in their adult lives, including the flu vaccine
Burden of disease
SWINE FLU: Unvaccinated doctors putting patients at risk: DAK
With Kashmir valley’s first swine flu death of this season reported at SK Institute of Medical Sciences, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Tuesday said that medics, nurses and paramedical staff in the hospitals are “putting patients at risk as they are not vaccinated against swine flu”
Two hospitalised with flu amid fears of an epidemic
In Ireland, two people have already been hospitalised with flu this month and two outbreaks have occurred in residential facilities. One of the patients hospitalised was found to have the A(H3N2) strain which led to Australia recently having one of its worst winters for flu in years
Doctors report first case of common pandemic flu virus this season
A 59-year-old woman from Bratislava, who is currently hospitalised in the Ružinov hospital in critical condition, is suffering from pandemic flu virus A/H1pdm09. The doctors confirmed that this is the first case reported during this year’s flu season