"Seqirus Media Monitoring" 1st Nov 2017

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Flu shots for seniors
There are two different flu shots – Fluzone High Dose and FLUAD – that are designed specifically for people age 65 and older; FLUAD contains an added ingredient called adjuvant MF59 that also helps create a stronger immune response
Influenza: The Health Minister of NSW announces current preventive ‘not up to the job’ after deadly flu period
There are two flu vaccines which are made to help the elderly. Two of the three manufacturers of the vaccines on the Australian Government’s free influenza immunization program have said proposals that higher rates of this year’s flu virus due to an inexpensive vaccine, are false. Sanofi and Seqirus produce more powerful vaccines, but both did not apply to partake in this year’s immunization program. The third producer, GSK Australian Pharmaceuticals, which produce a less effective vaccine, is quiet about the issue
Flu shots being delivered across the province
Alberta Health Services started administering flu shots throughout the province on Monday. Changes this year include the taking out of FluMist and FluAd from the roster of ways to administer the shot from free clinics. FluAd will still be available at places such as senior’s homes and long-term care homes
Pandemic Influenza News
Bird flu drill held
In Hong Kong, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan observed an avian influenza outbreak drill today conducted by the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department. The exercise simulated a poultry culling operation in which 100 staff from various departments conducted frontline duties
Industry News
Sanofi inks AI pact to learn more about flu vaccine responses
Sanofi Pasteur has tapped Berg's artificial intelligence capabilities to discover biomarkers that could help scientists learn more about individual flu vaccine responses. Sanofi Pasteur is running a longitudinal study on its licensed flu vaccines, while Berg will analyze the biological materials from individuals participating in that study using its bAIcis artificial intelligence tool. The goal is to identify “molecular signatures and biomarkers indicative of breadth and durability of the influenza vaccine immunological response”
For an instant man-flu diagnosis on your phone, just swab right
An international flu symposium in Melbourne will hear an update from clinical trials of a device designed to give doctors and patients a simple and quick flu diagnosis. The ellume.lab works through an app instructing the ­patient or GP how to take a nasal swab and put the sample on a test cartridge which is inserted into a smartphone. The result is displayed on the phone along with advice on contacting medical services
Novavax The Downtrodden Finally Finds A New Bull At Citi
Analysts at Citi turned bullish on Novavax; phase 1 and phase 2 data for its flu vaccine NanoFlu is expected to be released in the fourth quarter and will be followed up in first-quarter 2018 with the U.S. FDA's feedback. In the event that the FDA allows the company to proceed with an accelerated approval then a phase 3 program could be finalized by the end of next year
Mexicans bring a new approach to the production of biopharmaceutical vaccines
University students and Mexican specialists are participating in the process of research and development of vaccines, in partnership with Sinergium Biotech, located in the province of Buenos Aires.
Aviragen, Vaxart merge to develop oral vaccines for influenza, norovirus and RSV
For some antigens like norovirus and RSV, there are no approved vaccines. For others, like the seasonal flu, immunization rates are often far from ideal. Now, a new company, the product of a merger between Aviragen Therapeutics and Vaxart, aims to develop oral vaccines against these diseases. An H1N1 influenza vaccine is currently farthest in the company’s pipeline
Academic studies
Flu vaccine works efficiently only twice out of every five years
According to findings on last year's influenza season in Canada, the flu vaccine was only successful in protecting recipients against the virus 42% of the time, which is still a good percentage for older people who are more vulnerable, but less convincing for the rest of the population
Aged DNA may activate genes differently
Researchers have discovered that our chromosomes wrinkle with age, changing how our immune system renews itself. The differences between younger people and older made a clear signature, one that had never been seen before in genomic analysis. Regions of chromosome coding for genes that encourage the development and differentiation of T-cells, which help defend us against flu and other viral infections and some cancers, are more likely to be open in young people compared to the elderly
Research Reveals How Flu Shot Manufacturing Forces Influenza to Mutate
According to a new study from scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), the common practice of growing influenza vaccine components in chicken eggs disrupts the major antibody target site on the virus surface, rendering the flu vaccine less effective in humans
Disparities in influenza outcomes
Influenza infections kill between 3,000 and 49,000 people each year in the U.S. Understanding risk factors for severe influenza outcomes, such as hospitalization, can help guide vaccination programs and reduce disease burden. Researchers evaluated whether neighborhood determinants - represented by census tract data - contribute to the risk of influenza hospitalization. They analyzed 33,515 laboratory-confirmed influenza hospitalizations from 14 sites over a 5-year period and found that both individual (age, race, ethnicity) and census tract-based factors were associated with hospitalization for influenza
VIDEO: Rapid influenza test obviates empiric antivirals
A test that only requires a maximum 2-hour wait for results was highly accurate at detecting influenza and respiratory syncytial virus infection in lung transplant patients, according to research presented at the CHEST annual meeting
Pediatric influenza news
Study: Oregon parents still getting kids flu shots
The national removal of a recommendation for using the nasal influenza vaccine FluMist on children had little effect on influenza immunization rates, a new Oregon Health Authority study released Monday shows
The importance of keeping your child's vaccinations up to date
According to Dr. Jesse Alves, an infectious diseases specialist and a member of the clinical staff at the Lamina laboratory, immunization is essential not only to strengthen a child's health over the years, with doses being applied months or years apart, but also to contribute to the eradication of diseases that threaten the wider population
Over 65’s influenza news
Vaccination for the Over 65's - what do older people think?
Since 2010 in France, older people have been less and less keen to get vaccinated against the flu, with only 47.4% of the over 65s nationally getting immunised. Most seem to think the flu vaccine isn't efficient and/or can cause serious side effects
General Influenza News
Influenza vaccine - what you should know about protection
Millions of people get flu every year and at risk groups, in particular, should therefore think hard about getting vaccinated. In the worst case, a virus can have deadly consequences for them
The Swiss Pharmacists Association underlines the number and spread of flu vaccination services across its pharmacies
National influenza vaccination campaign starting on November 3rd across all Swiss cantons. Pharmacies offer vaccination without advance notification in 18 cantons. Around 404 pharmacies offer flu vaccinations to those in need
A health care company comes under fire for mandating its employees to get flu shots
Essentia, a health care provider that operates long-term facilities, hospitals and clinics and employs 15,000 staff members in four states, rolled out a mandatory vaccination policy that requires all of their employees to get inoculated against the flu as “a condition of employment” (with limited exemptions allowed for religious or medical reasons). The move has been met with opposition by the company’s United Steelworker’s union, which filed a lawsuit on behalf of 2,000 of the company’s workers, claiming that some of its members were denied exemption requests
Dr Katie Flanagan explains the research behind Tasmania's deadly flu season
In Australia, Dr Katie Flanagan is looking at the influenza vaccination, and in particular, looking in the elderly in Tasmania to try and understand a little bit more about why the vaccine doesn’t work as well in them and ways and strategies we might use to improve the vaccine in older people
How Walgreens overcomes "consumer complacency" during influenza season
In the U.S., Walgreens partners with the UN Foundation on the "Get a Shot. Give a Shot" campaign, which donates a vaccine to a child in a developing country for every influenza vaccination sold in the United States. This is an integral part of the company's campaign to get people to receive a flu shot
Dr Hassan-led DAK seeks free swine flu vaccine for high risk group
With swine flu scare looming over the Kashmir valley after three deaths, one of the two groups claiming to represent valley doctors has called for free vaccination against swine flu for high risk groups. President of DAK, Dr Nisar ul Hassan, said that free vaccination would increase vaccine uptake and protect these vulnerable individuals from contracting and dying from flu
Protestors Call For Informed Consent At Free Flu Clinic
Protestors outside a flu clinic in the U.S. explain why they believe vaccines in general are dangerous, and attempt to stop people from getting their free flu jab.Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, president of the Connecticut State Medical Society, explains that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks
Pandemic preparedness and missed opportunities
Sometimes the public health community is its own worst enemy in explaining the critical need for pandemic planning and preparedness and the price the world will pay for not preparing. A report last week from PATH, a leading nongovernmental agency—which was lauded in the public health community, and rightly so, for the most part—is a classic example of misunderstanding on this critical issue
Burden of disease
Flu fears over schoolgirl's death
Hong Kong health authorities are trying to establish whether the death of a Heep Yunn School Primary Five student could be flu-related. The girl, aged about 10, is reported to have suffered from acute septicemia and pneumonia after catching the flu. Infectious disease specialist Joseph Tsang Kay-yan urged the public to receive the flu vaccine ahead of the winter