Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 16th Feb 2018

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Saudi- Environment Ministry Announces No Cases of H5N8 Avian Flu in the Kingdom

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced that no cases of H5N8 avian flu had been recorded in the previous 24 hours, it was announced
15th Feb 2018 - MENAFN

Bird flu detected in Prey Veng

In Cambodia, a moratorium on the movement of chickens, dead or alive, has been put into effect in a commune of Prey Veng's Ba Phnom district after a chicken sample tested positive for A1H5N1 bird flu, the provincial Department of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries said
15th Feb 2018 - The Phnom Penh Post

UK: DEFRA Avian Flu In Europe Update -Feb 14th

Although Europe hasn't seen anything like last year's record H5N8 epizootic, they continue to report scattered (reassorted) H5N6 detections in wild birds, and a smattering of LPAI H5 outbreaks in poultry in France. The pattern and spread of avian influenza continues to be enigmatic and unpredictable, with some regions - like the Middle East and parts of Asia - seeing high yearly activity, with others regions (like Europe and North America) only reporting intermittent flare ups.
15th Feb 2018 - Afludiary.blogspot.com

Zimbabwe free of avian flu

Zimbabwe has reported it was now free of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu that hit the country between May and August last year. Poultry producer Lanark, a commercial farm 25km south of the capital Harare, was hit with the outbreak on its farm, which was quarantined and the site affected depleted of all birds. Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services principal Unesu Ushewokunze-Obatolu, said the the strain - which poses little risk to human health - has now been contained.
15th Feb 2018 - News2.OnlineNigeria.com

High-path H9N2 infects Ghana poultry, raising concern

Ghana's agriculture ministry reported a highly pathogenic H9N2 avian flu outbreak in poultry, a potentially concerning development, given that H9N2 typically circulates in birds as a low-pathogenic strain. In other avian flu outbreak developments, Cambodia reported another H5N1 outbreak, Saudi Arabia reported a few more H5N8 events, and the United Kingdom reported another detection of the new H5N6 reassortant in a wild bird.
15th Feb 2018 -

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 15th Feb 2018

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Ghana reports severe bird flu on farm: OIE

Ghana has reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H9N2 bird flu virus on a farm in the southwest of the country, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Wednesday
15th Feb 2018 - Reuters

Bird flu wipes out R954m, SA turns to imports

The South African Poultry Association confirmed that no new outbreaks had been reported on commercial farms since mid-January. However, farms affected have had to cull all birds and recall and destroy all eggs as part of measures to control the spread of the virus. Farms also had to shut down production for up to six months while they embarked on surveillance and cleaning.
14th Feb 2018 - Business Day

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 14th Feb 2018

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New Strain of Avian Flu Spreading

The outbreak of avian flu across Iran is posing a new threat. According to Secretary-General of Iran’s Union of Producers of Egg-Laying Hen Farzad Talakesh, the new H5N6 strain reported in the north of the country can be transmitted to humans and is beginning to spread to other regions, Mehr News Agency reported.
13th Feb 2018 - Financial Tribune

Black-headed gull carcass tests positive for H5N6 virus

In Hong Kong, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said that the carcass of a black-headed gull found in Lau Fau Shan, Tin Shui Wai, was confirmed as having the H5N6 avian influenza virus after laboratory testing.
13th Feb 2018 - Hong Kong Government

Iran: Media Reporting 40% Of Nation's Poultry Lost To Avian Flu

Officially, Iran hasn't notified the OIE of any new H5N8 poultry outbreaks in nearly a year, having last reported 30 outbreaks between November 2016-January 2017 involving the loss of just over 1 million birds. Unofficially, we continue to see media (and sometimes Ministry of Agriculture) reports indicating that H5N8 avian flu continues to devastate their poultry industry, driving food prices higher, and contributing to the societal discontent which led to protests in December
13th Feb 2018 - Afludiary.blogspot.com

Avian flu hits more poultry in Iraq, Iran, Asia

Iraq has reported another highly pathogenic H5N8 avian influenza outbreak on a commercial poultry farm, part of ongoing activity in a handful of countries in the Middle East, as events involving other strains were confirmed in Cambodia, South Korea, and Taiwan.
12th Feb 2018 - CIDRAP

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 13th Feb 2018

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Iran culls 25mn heads of poultry amid bird flu fears

Iranian officials culled 25 million heads of poultry following the recent appearance of fresh bird flu cases, the Iranian Labor News Agency reported. Nasir Nebipur, head of the Tehran Chicken and Egg Association, said a whopping 40 percent of the nation’s poultry had been slaughtered due to bird flu fears.
12th Feb 2018 - Yeni Safak

Iran slaughters 25 million chickens amid bird flu fears

12th Feb 2018 - Hurriyet Daily News

Iran slaughters 40 percent of its poultry, imports eggs from Turkey amid bird flu panic

12th Feb 2018 - Daily Sabah

UK: H5N6 Detection In Wild Birds - Week 5

Although the British press has been writing extensively about suspected bird flu among the `Queen's swans' at Windsor, there has been considerably more H5N6 detected across the UK since the start of 2018. APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) - an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, the Welsh Government and The Scottish Government - published an updated list
12th Feb 2018 - Afludiary.blogspot.com

Saudi- Environment Ministry Announces One Case of H5N8 Avian Flu in Kharj Governorate

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced that one case of H5N8 avian flu had been recorded in Kharj Governorate in the previous 24 hours. The ministry said that the number of samples collected since the beginning of the spread of the disease reached 7,106 in the Kingdom's regions. The results disclosed that 125 of these samples tested positive.
12th Feb 2018 - MENAFN

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 12th Feb 2018

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Avian Flu in the Vendee: 12,000 ducks culled

Tests carried out on a duck farm in the Vendee region of France have shown the presence of bird flu and 12,000 ducks were culled as a precautionary measure
11th Feb 2018 - France Info

IFA urges farmers to keep poultry under cover after bird flu found in wild bird

In Ireland, farmers are being advised to keep poultry inside or under cover after avian flu was found in the wild. The H5N6 strain was found on January 31 in a wild bird in Tipperary. The IFA's Poultry Chairperson, Andy Boylan, says strict bio-security measures need to be put in place, with birds kept inside or undercover.
11th Feb 2018 - BreakingNews.ie

First case of infectious bird flu confirmed in Co Tipperary

A white-tailed sea eagle found dead in Co Tipperary was carrying the only case detected in Ireland so far of a highly infectious strain of bird flu, it has been confirmed. The Department of Agriculture said that tests had shown the type of avian flu found in the dead bird was a “highly pathogenic” strain previously confirmed in Britain and mainland Europe.
10th Feb 2018 - Irish Times

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 9th Feb 2018

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Bird flu toll hits 40 in Queen’s Windsor swan flock as team of volunteers in biohazard suits collect bodies to prevent spread of disease

In England, around 40 of the Queen’s Windsor swans have now been killed by bird flu as volunteers in biohazard suits collected bodies. Around half the estate’s flock has been wiped out. Tests on seven swans have revealed the cause was bird flu
8th Feb 2018 - The Sun

40 of Queen’s Windsor swan flock succumb to bird flu

8th Feb 2018 - Asian Age

Bird flu kills 40 in Queen’s Windsor swan flock, half of population dead

8th Feb 2018 - Deccan Chronicle

Saudi Arabia temporarily bans poultry imports from India over bird flu

Saudi Arabia has temporarily banned imports of live birds, hatching eggs and chicks from India after a form of bird flu that is highly lethal for poultry was found in the south Asian country, the Saudi agriculture ministry said
8th Feb 2018 - Reuters

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 8th Feb 2018

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Flock owners warned of bird flu risk after eagle found dead

In Ireland, a white-tailed sea eagle has been found dead due to avian flu. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine confirmed that avian influenza subtype H5N6 was found in a wild bird in Co Tipperary. The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre and the European Centre for Disease Control advise that the risk to public health from H5N6 avian influenza is very low and that the disease poses no food safety risk for consumers. The finding, it is said, is not unexpected given the detection of highly pathogenic H5N6 in wild birds in multiple locations in Great Britain since the start of January and in other European countries prior to that.
7th Feb 2018 - Leinster Express

Case of avian flu confirmed in County Tipperary

7th Feb 2018 - Tipperary Star

Bird flu detected in eagle found dead in Tipperary

6th Feb 2018 - Independent.ie

Bird flu case confirmed in Ireland

6th Feb 2018 - Agriland

Avian Flu: flock of 4,200 ducks culled in the Loire-Atlantique region

In the Loire-Atlantique region of France, an H5 avian flu virus was found on a duck farm, and as a precautionary measure, 4,200 ducks were culled. There are no concerns with regard to transmission to humans
7th Feb 2018 - 20minutes.fr

Saint-Pere-en-Retz: Avian flu on duck farm

7th Feb 2018 - PresseOcean.fr

Health advice for travelers to 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea: WHO

Currently, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting an increase in seasonal influenza (influenza type B and A(H3N2)). The country has also been experiencing outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N6) in birds and poultry. No human cases of A(H5N6) have been detected during these outbreaks and the risk of human infection is considered very low.
7th Feb 2018 - Outbreak News Today

Windsor Swans: Bird flu confirmed in Queen's flock

An illness which led to the death of dozens of the Queen's swans in Windsor has been confirmed as bird flu, Defra has said. More than 30 of the swans on the River Thames have died and several more are "still dying". Seven of the dead birds were sent for testing on Monday after experts suspected an outbreak of avian flu. Defra has said that the outbreak, which is the largest in England this year, will not lead to a cull of the birds.
7th Feb 2018 - BBC News

High-path avian flu outbreaks reported in Mideast, Asia, Europe

In the latest avian flu developments, three countries in the Middle East — Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel — reported highly pathogenic outbreaks, and the United Kingdom and Ireland reported more avian flu in wild birds. The UK outbreak involved swans from a flock owned by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor.
7th Feb 2018 - CIDRAP

Israel finds case of severe H5N8 bird flu, sounds all-clear

Israel has reported a case of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu virus in a wild bird, the OIE said on Wednesday, citing a report from Israel’s agriculture ministry. Contacted by Reuters, a spokeswoman for the ministry confirmed the case, saying it was isolated and contained. The virus was detected in a wild owl in Jerusalem that died after showing clinical symptoms, the OIE said
7th Feb 2018 - Reuters

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 7th Feb 2018

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The bird flu is killing the Queen's swans

In England, bird flu has killed at least 30 swans from Queen Elizabeth's flock, with more expected to succumb to the disease, UK officials say. "We are currently at the river recovering bodies of the dead swans," said David Barber, the official responsible for the Queen's swans. "This is the first time in my 24 years as Swan Marker that bird flu has hit the Thames -- naturally, we are all very upset about the situation." After seven swans died in the Queen's flock, their remains were analyzed and five were confirmed to have the disease, DEFRA said.
6th Feb 2018 - CNN

The Queen set to lose entire flock of swans at Windsor amid deadly bird flu outbreak

6th Feb 2018 - The Sun

Zimbabwe Now Free From Avian Flu

Zimbabwe is now free from the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza that hit the country between May and August last year. The disease killed one million chickens in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services principal, Dr Unesu Ushewokunze-Obatolu said the country, however, remains on high alert.
6th Feb 2018 - AllAfrica.com

Zim now free from Avian flu

6th Feb 2018 - The Herald

Zimbabwe:Country Now Free From Avian Flu

6th Feb 2018 - Uncova.com

Avian flu: 10,800 ducks culled in Gers region

In the Gers region of France, 10,800 ducks have been culled as a precautionary measure. A low pathogenic avian flu virus, H5N3, was found on a duck farm and authorities enforced safety measures immediately
6th Feb 2018 - Ouest-France

Bird flu reaches Baghdad, official says humans unaffected

Iraqi health officials have said that a recent bird flu infection discovered at some Iraqi provinces has reached to the capital, but assured that danger is still limited to animals. "The disease infects birds and does not affect humans,” said Nazek al-Fatlawi, a director of public health at the Baghdad health department. “What had been rumored about the spread of the disease and recording human infections is untrue”, she added, noting that hospitals and medical centers possess the drugs needed to counter the disease.
6th Feb 2018 - Iraqi News

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 6th Feb 2018

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Highly pathogenic avian flu A(H5N6) found in Hong Kong chicken

In Hong Kong, a chicken was found to have highly pathogenic avian flu A(H5N6). The relevant authorities were contacted and notified the OIE on 1st February
5th Feb 2018 - Mes Vaccins.net

Iran reports H5N6 bird flu among wild ducks in north - OIE

Iran has reported an outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu virus among wild ducks in the north of the country, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Monday
5th Feb 2018 - Reuters

Queen's Windsor swans 'killed by bird flu'

In England, more than 20 swans from the Queen's flock have died and several more are "dying at the moment" amid fears they have been infected by bird flu. Seven of the dead birds have been sent for testing to establish whether avian flu is responsible. Defra confirmed it is investigating a suspected finding of avian influenza in wild mute swans in Berkshire.
5th Feb 2018 - BBC

Bird flu outbreak 'kills some of the Queen's swans' in Windsor

5th Feb 2018 - Daily Telegraph

Over 20 swans of British Queen 'killed by bird flu'

5th Feb 2018 - New Indian Express

Queen 'upset' at death 'from bird flu' of seven swans from royal flock at Windsor

5th Feb 2018 - International Business Times

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 5th Feb 2018

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Qom Hardest Hit by Avian Flu

Qom was the hardest-hit Iranian province during the recent outbreak of avian flu, the chairman of Iran Veterinary Organization said. Alireza Rafiei also said that more than 21 million chickens have been culled so far this year due to the outbreak. Rafiei believes that the wild spread of H5N8 strain of the virus is rooted in the fact that most chicken farms are located close to each other.
3rd Feb 2018 - Financial Tribune

Azerbaijan talks on threat of bird flu in country

Bird flu outbreaks in Iran and Iraq pose no threat for Azerbaijan, Yolchu Hanveli, head of the press service of the State Veterinary Service under Azerbaijan’s Agriculture Ministry, said. He said that Azerbaijan has banned the imports of live poultry, poultry products, chickens and hatching eggs from Iran since spring last year. “As for the outbreak of bird flu in Iraq, Azerbaijan doesn’t import poultry and poultry products from this country,” Hanveli said.
2nd Feb 2018 - AzerNews

No new H5N8 bird flu cases but Western Cape govt urges for caution

In South Africa, Western Cape farmers and bird owners should continue to exercise caution around the bird flu virus by maintaining strict biosecurity measures. "No new outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu strain have been detected since last October on previously uninfected chicken farms. The strain has, however, now been positively identified in multiple wild bird species," said Alan Winde, Western Cape MEC for Agriculture, Economic Development and Tourism.
2nd Feb 2018 - RNews.co.za

News Scan for Feb 02, 2018

In the latest highly pathogenic avian flu outbreak developments, South Africa reported several more H5N8 events involving wild birds and commercial ostriches, and Taiwan reported more H5N2 outbreaks affecting poultry farms.
2nd Feb 2018 - CIDRAP

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 2nd Feb 2018

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21 million birds lost to H5N8 virus

In Iran, more than 21 million chickens have been culled because of the H5N8 avian influenza virus in order to prevent an outbreak of the disease, said the head of the Iran’s Veterinary Organization Alireza Rafieeipour
1st Feb 2018 - APA

Vietnam records no new bird flu virus strains

Vietnam has to date detected no new avian flu virus strains despite its location in the Southeast Asian region’s hotspot of the diseases. According to the Department of Preventative Medicine, Vietnam is at high risks of being inflicted with new virus strains via regional trade and traveling activities. However, the country has yet to detect bird flu viruses A/H7N9, A/H5N2 and A/H5N8 on both human and poultry, and A/H5N8 on human.
1st Feb 2018 - Vietnam Plus

UK detects more avian flu as Dutch get to grips with H5N6

Three more highly pathogenic H5N6 outbreaks in separate locations in the UK have been reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) this week. All of the detections involved dead wild birds and the UK has now reported 6 cases of the H5N6 virus since it was first discovered at Abbotsbury on the Dorset coast in the middle of January. The latest reported cases were in 2 mute swans found in a park in London; a tufted duck in a park in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and 8 mallards and a moorhen in Rutland in the East Midlands.
1st Feb 2018 - Poultry World

Suspected bird flu outbreak in Mondulkiri

In Cambodia, Mondulkiri provincial authorities on Thursday announced that there was a suspected outbreak of bird flu, or H5N1, in Keo Sima district after more than 60 chickens became sick last week. Sok Kheang, the chief of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department in Mondulkiri, told Khmer Times that since last week more than 60 chickens belonging to villagers in Keo Sima district started to show signs of illness. He said the department took the chickens to be examined at the Pasture Institute, but there has not been any confirmation of H5N1 so far.
1st Feb 2018 - Khmer Times

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 1st Feb 2018

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Dominican Republic: avian flu outbreaks reported

In November 2017, several avian flu outbreaks were discovered in the Dominican Republic. Even though poultry was culled as a result, exports to Haiti carried on which puts the country at risk
31st Jan 2018 - Le Nouvelliste

Western Cape govt urges caution around bird flu

In South Africa, Alan Winde, MEC for Economic Opportunities, said no new outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu strain have been detected since October last year on previously uninfected chicken farms, but that the strain has been positively identified in multiple wild bird species.
31st Jan 2018 - Citizen

Avian Flu Scan for Jan 30, 2018 - CIDRAP

Routine testing as part of avian influenza surveillance in wild birds found low levels of H7 RNA in two mallards shot in December by hunters in Georgia's McIntosh Country. In a news report, the Georgia Farm Bureau said tests were conducted by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) wildlife services, which found small amounts of avian influenza nucleic acid in swab samples collected from the two American green-winged teal ducks. Robert Cobb, DVM, Georgia's state veterinarian, said, "We know this virus is out there in the wild year-round and the detection of the virus in these wild ducks serves as a reminder for poultry producers to continue to be vigilant about following recommended biosecurity measures."
31st Jan 2018 - CIDRAP

KRG bans chicken imports from 39 countries amid bird flu epidemic

The Kurdistan Region has placed a ban on chicken imports from 39 countries after bird flu spread in central Iraq and Iran. "Necessary [measures] for preventing the sickness from spreading to the Kurdistan Region have been undertaken by the Ministry. The prevention committee in the KRG has been reactivated again. Quarantine rooms for individuals suspected of being infected will be prepared in hospitals in the cities," Dr. Khalis Qadir, a spokesperson for the KRG's Ministry of Health, told Rudaw.
31st Jan 2018 - Rudaw

Gulls risk spreading bird flu as six sites now test positive throughout England

Avian influenza in wild birds has spread throughout England with six sites now identified as having shown symptoms of H5N6. The first case in West Dorset involved 31 birds of mixed species which included Mute Swans, Pochard and Canada Goose.The second case in Rugby, Warwickshire involved 13 cases of Tufted Duck, Great Crested Grebe, Great black- backed gulls and Herring Gulls. Since then four more areas have been identified including a nature reserve in Hertford, a river in Oakham, Rutland, a country park in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and a lake in North West London. Recent cases of H5N6 has been reported in gulls, which has sparked some concern in the farming industry.
30th Jan 2018 - FarmingUK

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 31st Jan 2018

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Swine flu, bird flu hit North Korea and South Korea days before Winter Olympics kickoff

Super flu outbreaks are ravaging the Korean Peninsula less than two weeks before the Winter Olympics — leaving North Korea scrambling to treat more than 81,000 people infected with swine flu as the South kills off nearly 1 million chickens to contain the bird flu on its side of the border. South Korea is scrambling to contain the bird flu outbreak with less than two weeks until the Opening Ceremony at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The South Korean government ordered about 764,000 chickens from farms near Seoul killed to prevent avian influenza H5N6 from spreading to people, the South’s Korea JongAng Daily reported
30th Jan 2018 - Fox News

Swine, bird flu outbreaks slam South, North Korea ahead of Olympics

30th Jan 2018 - New York Post

Bird flu outbreak casts pall over Tet

In Vietnam, the Health Ministry is urging people across the country to be on alert against bird flu outbreaks before and after Tet. Meanwhile in Viet Nam, influenza A / H5N1 and A / H5N6 continue to occur in poultry in many areas and there's a risk of transmission to humans. From January 17 to 19, bird flu was detected at a poultry-breeding farm in Dien Chau District, the central province of Nghe An.
30th Jan 2018 - VietNam Net Bridge

S. Korea to adopt tracking system for poultry supply chain

South Korea will adopt a tracking system for poultry meats and their eggs to provide consumers with information about the complete supply chain and minimize fallout from contagious animal diseases, the agriculture ministry said. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said the tracking system will record information on chickens, ducks and their eggs, throughout the process from breeding to sales. It said such a system can better allow authorities to trace the origins of birds when they are infected with bird flu
30th Jan 2018 - Yonhap News

Farms sprayed to stop bird flu

In Cambodia, Agriculture Ministry officials sprayed anti-viral disinfectant at livestock breeding farms nearly 40,000 times in 2017, during which time there were four cases of H5N1. According to the ministry’s annual report, expert officials sprayed a total of 39,879 times at breeding farms and slaughter areas throughout the country.
30th Jan 2018 - Khmer Times

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 30th Jan 2018

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With Olympics set to begin, South Korea is still working to eradicate the avian flu

With the PyeongChang Winter Olympics set to begin on Feb. 9, the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced Monday that it had confirmed the presence of a highly pathogenic strain of the H5N6 avian influenza virus at two chicken farms south of Seoul, Korea JoongAng Daily reports.“The avian influenza virus we discovered at Hwaseong is highly pathogenic and spreads very fast,” a ministry spokesperson told Korea JoogAng Daily. “It reproduces continuously before symptoms appear in the hosts or before they die.”
29th Jan 2018 - Washington Post

New South Korea Bird Flu Outbreak Scrambles Health Agencies Ahead of Olympics

29th Jan 2018 - Sputnik International

South Korean Winter Olympics rocked by outbreaks of bird flu after deadly virus found in country's birds

29th Jan 2018 - The Sun

Over 5000 ducks culled in Changhua, Tainan over avian flu

In Taiwan, more than 5,000 ducks were culled across Changhua County and Tainan after it was confirmed that they had been infected with the highly pathogenic H5N2 strain of avian influenza, inspection officials said Monday.
29th Jan 2018 - Focus Taiwan News Channel

Korea to beef up hygiene regulations on poultry farms

South Korea will strengthen hygiene regulations on poultry farms and install a livestock monitoring system as part of a broader effort to prevent outbreaks of highly contagious bird flu, the agriculture ministry said Monday. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announced a set of measures to improve the poultry-farming environment as a series of avian influenza and sales of eggs contaminated with harmful insecticides sparked public concerns last year.
29th Jan 2018 - Korea Herald

Flu Surveillance in Animals - Seqirus Media Monitoring - 26th Jan 2018

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Bird flu alert in Bhitarkanika

In India, the Forest and Veterinary officials have sounded bird flu alert in Bhitarkanika National Park after avian influenza cases were reported in some parts of Karnataka recently. As hundreds of migratory birds have already arrived in the water bodies and forest areas of the park, precautionary steps as well as measures have been taken to detect sick birds
25th Jan 2018 - The New Indian Express

Over 1420 ducks culled in Taichung due to avian flu

In Taiwan, more than 1,420 ducks were culled on a farm in Taichung after it was confirmed as having been infected with the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5 virus, according to the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
25th Jan 2018 - Focus Taiwan News Channel

Wales joins England in introducing Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

The Welsh government has taken action to mitigate the risk of bird flu infection by introducing an all Wales Avian Influenza Prevention Zone. The official risk level from avian influenza has now been increased by Government officials following the discovery of the virus in more wild birds. Chief vet Nigel Gibbens had already imposed restrictions across the whole of England following outbreaks of avian influenza in wild birds in Dorset and Warwickshire.
25th Jan 2018 - FarmingUK